My Flytographer photoshoot in Barcelona

Have you heard of Flytographer?! If not, prepare to be blown away.

How to build a multi-stop vacation: Research and Planning

Now that you have looked at your vacation in a big picture sense, it’s time to get started on the nitty gritty details. 

How to build a muli-stop vacation: Think of the big picture

The trips I plan often involve multiple stops and destinations.

5 Tips For An Amazing Parisian Experience

Paris. Oh, Paris. I am not the first person to fall in love with this city, nor will I be the last.

How To Choose The Right Destination For Your Honeymoon

How To Choose The Right Destination For Your Honeymoon

There really are endless possibilities for couples looking to experience an amazing honeymoon.

The Most Romantic Spots To Watch The Sunset In Guanacaste, Costa Rica

I’m so excited to share this blog with you today because it’s the love child of two of my favorite things… Costa Rica and sunsets.

How To Talk About Your Honeymoon As A Couple

Honeymoon’s are your first family vacation. As such, the planning of your first family vacay should be of utmost importance.