Brianna, words can’t express how much I appreciate all your hard work planning our trip to Italy. Everything from securing our train passes in advance, to planning rooftop cocktail hour in Florence overlooking Ponte Vecchio, to booking the best hotel in Rome...I could go on, but everything—every last detail—was perfect. Heck, you even managed to find us restaurants with gluten free options at every stop along the way, and a gluten free cooking class! Your thoughtfulness in planning was apparent and, as long as you’re in charge, I can’t wait to go on another adventure soon!


You were so incredibly responsive, helpful, and well-prepared. We felt like our whole trip was planned so well and executed perfectly! It felt so US! All the details were so organized that we got to simply enjoy all the fun stuff stress-free. I feel so confident in not only using your services again, but also recommending you to anybody we know that’s traveling. It was the trip of a lifetime, and we made so many memories I will cherish forever.


THANK YOU so much for the amazing honeymoon experience. I seriously just can’t thank you enough. We absolutely fell in love with Tulum. All of the preparation you did beforehand was so appreciated.

We genuinely felt as though we stayed at the best hotel on the beach and the dinner reservations were perfect (even the hotel concierge was very impressed we had a Hartwood reservation!) Our “adventure” day was also so much fun. Thank you again so much!!