Weekend Getaway with the Family

This past weekend, my family went on a little adventure. My brother was flying in from Colorado, and we were all going to meet up at my uncle’s wedding up in the mountains near Big Bear. At the last minute though, we decided it would be fun to find a cabin and spend the weekend all under one roof.  


It is a rare occurrence for all of us to be together, and it reminded me how important it is to fight for time like this with your loved ones. We all get so busy and wrapped up in life, that the simple act of carving out this time to just be, is priceless.

When you are used to living alone though, a couple of days with the whole family under one roof and just one bathroom can get you a case of cabin fever. By the time Sunday morning rolled around, my brother woke up early for a solo run, and I headed off to hike on my own, because what’s the point of being in nature if you can’t get a little solitude.  We then came back and took my niece and nephew on a hike with us, and they’ve now decided hiking is one of their favorite activities. My nephew even claims he is an expert rock climber.  

It was a weekend spent with a lot of laughs, eating pizza, cooking breakfast, watching movies, playing games, and hiking together.  My niece and nephew have decided we should probably try and move here permanently, that’s how much they enjoyed themselves.  

Getaways are my favorite. I enjoy being able to push “pause” on the daily hustle and grind, and simply recalibrate. The next time you have the opportunity to bond with your loved ones, and I encourage you to take those few days to just enjoy the company of those dearest to you. You won’t be sorry.