Why an ‘Earlymoon’ might be right for you

First, congratulations on your engagement! It’s a crazy, beautiful season of life, and I’m happy you’re spending a few of your precious minutes here. Between navigating guest lists and wondering whether you can squeeze in a dress fitting on your lunch break, the whirlwind of wedding planning can take it out of you

I know. I’ve been there.

When you should go on an early moon

The desperate need for a break is what first got me thinking about pre-wedding getaways. It turns out I’m not alone. Once Pippa Middleton snuck away for an “earlymoon” -- a restful romantic trip before the big day -- Conde Nast Traveler called it the next travel trend.

Earlymoons often look like the little brother or sister to the honeymoon. Perhaps you’re going on a post-nuptial South African safari, but you struggled to choose between Africa or Europe (who doesn’t have days of pining for a tiny cafe table offering up a baguette and tiny coffee?). The earlymoon is a way to get the best of both worlds. Escape for a long weekend (or more!) to Europe while reminding yourself of the romance between you and your honey. It’s a break many couples crave.

When you should plan an early moon

There are three major factors influencing if an earlymoon might be a great option for you.

1. A long engagement.

Couples with long engagement have ample time to plan and take a pre-wedding vacation. If you’re newly engaged and won't exchange vows for a year or more, why not look into a getaway 1-3 months before the wedding? I don’t recommend international travel within 7-10 days of the wedding in case of delays, jet lag, or last-minute decisions close to home.

2. Stress relief.

If you know you enjoy unplugging to destress, consider the relaxing effects of an earlymoon. Use the few days as a digital detox -- or at least a decision detox! Hold hands with the love of your life and walk around somewhere new. Turn off Netflix. Explore. Remind yourselves why you want to do life together.

Many brides-to-be use the opportunity to enjoy spa. Why not fit in a few more beauty treatments before the wedding day? If you enjoy wellness retreats or beauty tourism, this is a perfect opportunity to hit pause and return home feeling like your best self.

3. You already focus on travel and adventure in your relationship.

Are you frequent travelers? Do the two of you collect experiences over things? Do you nurture your romance by spending quality time together?

Jetsetting to private islands or misty mountain rainforests isn’t everyone’s priority. And that’s OK. Maybe you and your partner value unplugging for a few days at home -- or maybe you show love best by giving the perfect gift or writing a long love note (though why not go for the triple threat, am I right?). When travel is a priority for couples, they often commemorate moments with a trip. The honeymoon will mark your marriage, of course -- but there’s a lot of growing and learning in the engagement period too.

Whether they want to call it a minimoon, earlymoon, pre-wedding getaway or a good old-fashioned vacation, I love seeing couples return refreshed and ready to plunge back into the last-minute wedding details. My take? An earlymoon can work for anyone (unless, you know, you’re getting married next week … time to get dreaming for that anniversary trip!). Check out my destination dream list for 2019 for ideas. And as always, if you prefer to save your time and energy, I’m here to help.