What To Pack: African Safari

Traveling in Africa poses a different set of circumstances than in Europe.

Staying at Singita Lebombo in South Africa

A trip to South Africa has been on my bucket list for a while.

The Top 5 Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

Adventure travel speaks to me…sometimes. I am the type of traveler that can thrive on doing absolutely nothing for days on end, and also find great enjoyment in having the most mind blowing, adrenaline pumping, heart racing adventures.  I constantly have to ask myself, is this trip seeking to be an epic adventure of a lifetime, or will the most adventurous part of my trip be having two desserts? Decisions, decisions.

I know there are some people who fall firmly in one camp or the other, no matter what. Adventure seekers are always a blast to plan trips for because I know I can really let loose and create a fast-paced trip they are sure to love.  They aren’t going to call me a few days in asking me to cancel the rest of their plans because they just fell like laying low at the spa. They are going to go, and then go some more. 

If you are in that camp, I want to share with you a few of my favorite destinations I recommend for my fellow thrill-seekers.

Planning a Trip to Cape Town

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I’ve been dying to take a trip to South Africa.  Of course it’s going to happen, but the “when” is still up in the air.  I always thought it would be really awesome if that was my honeymoon destination (I have given way more thought to that then I have flower arrangements and color palettes!), but it might be one of those situations where it’s ok to eat desert before dinner.  Sometimes the cupcake is calling your name, ya know?

For now, the next best things is going to have to be planning other people’s vacations to South Africa. 

I’m in the middle of planning a trip to Cape Town this December for a solo traveler who had some airline credit and an adventurous spirit! I plan on helping her have the very best experience and together we are planning for her to get up close and personal with the beauty and essence of my favorite city I’ve never been to!

A few things that are on the agenda:

  • Hiking the infamous Table Mountain
  • Visits to the Cape Pointe Nature Reserve and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.
  • Heading across Table Bay to see the notorious former prison at Robben Island
  • A visit to the famous South African winelands
  • Spending time at Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins
  • Food tour through the historical Bo-Kaap neighborhood
  • A traditional cooking experience in a modest Malay kitchen with local women- completely off the beaten track.
  • ….and more!

This may sound completely like your cup of tea or nothing like how you would want to experience Cape Town… that is the beauty of creating unique and personal travel experiences! Feel free to contact me to figure out what your dream looks like!