If you’re anything like me, you have a strong desire to travel. You want your experiences to be memorable, and for your vacations to be all that you dreamed of, and more.

Hey there... I'm Brianna.

I know your leisure time is valuable.

I’m here to help you get the most out of it, with the least amount of your own time invested into making that happen. I do that by planning amazing vacations, and taking care of every detail. 

My own wanderlust spirit was born during my career as a professional athlete. That career not only allowed me to pursue my purpose and passion as a track and field athlete for over 10 years, it gave me the opportunity to fall deeply in love with so many different corners of the world.  

Obviously I retired, but the world-traveler was here to stay. Milk + Honey Travels allows me to share one of my deepest passions with others by helping their travel dreams be realized.

Vacation planning is no longer stressful or time consuming. Those trips that you’ve had the best intentions to go on come to life.

I find so much joy in creating tailor-made travel experiences for others because that means I get to understand what matters to you, and make it happen! 

Let’s work together to take you on those amazing adventures that have your name all over it. Your only responsibility is to show up and enjoy it. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

Always choose adventure,



The Milk + Honey Experience

We live in a day and age where virtually everything can be done online and there is so much information out there to be consumed. In fact, at times it can be information overload.

Considering a luxury travel advisor to help craft a tailor-made experience for you goes far beyond a search engine box. This is not about you simply finding someone to book your trip, but partnering with someone to create an incredible experience.

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Our preliminary conversations discuss your desires. I get an idea of who you are and begin my individualized research to design a preliminary proposal tailor-made just for you, and that fits your travel style.



The bespoke experience I book for you is based on the type of travel you enjoy and properties that have a sense of place. We work hard to ensure that each meal, excursion, day trip, and place you lay your head down at night is nothing short of spectacular.

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As your travel matchmaker, my goal is to send you off on a seamless vacation where all your travel dreams are realized. You appreciate the special touches that take your experience to the next level.

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Fun Facts About Me

I have the worst singing voice in the world. It’s the one thing I admit to not being good at.
I love people watching, but sometimes I forget to be inconspicuous, so then it becomes more like “people awkward staring”.
I am a voracious reader. Actually, I just enjoy reading but I like using the word “voracious” so I exaggerated a bit.
It took me a lot of years to walk down the aisle, and it was the absolute perfect timing.
I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica
I have had the same best friends for the last 20 years. They make me a better version of myself.
I never say no to fries. Or dessert. Other than that, I try to live a healthy lifestyle.
I am a classic introvert and enjoy spending time by myself. Movies... Eating out... Vacation.