A passion for what you do.

A few years ago I retired from a career that I was wholeheartedly passionate about.  More than that… it WAS my passion.  For 10 years I dedicated my life to being the best athlete I could be in the sport of Track and Field.  That life is something I am truly grateful for.  I had the opportunity to compete, travel the world, and wake up every day knowing I was following my passion and able to call that a career.  

One of the things I always share with people when they ask what it was I loved about that career is the part about seeing the world.  It is truly one of the blessings about participating in a sport that competes all over the globe.  After visiting 6 continents and competing in over 30 different countries, it’s easy to get a hunger and appreciation for what the world has to offer and the many amazing places that are out there for us to experience.  

Over the last couple of years I have thought long and hard about what else I am passionate about that I can make a career out of.  I now know that this is it.  I am a Travel Professional. I want to spend my time, energy, and resources helping people achieve their best travel experiences because that is what I know, that is what I love, and that is what I’m good at.  I have seen so much of the world and I hope that never ends because it brings me a lot of joy.  If I can share that joy with others, and help them create memories of their own they can cherish, then that’s one career I know is perfect for me.

The world is full of amazing places... you should go, and I should plan it.