For years we talked about doing a trip together. And for years that is all that came out of it…a lot of talk. I have had the same group of amazing friends for over 20 years and we have stayed close and have continued to see our friendship grow and blossom as we navigate different stages of life and become the people we never even dreamed about when we were simply a group of high school kids that found each other and decided to call ourselves BFF’s.

But now that it actually is going to be Best Friends FOREVER, carving out quality friend time isn’t as easy as it was when you are in high school and college and your friend time is generously handed to you.  People have really busy lives. They have families.  They have careers.  And not just any career, my friends happen to have top of the industry, globe-trotting, world-changing careers. So much so that when calendars get pulled out to try and see when it might be possible for 8 different people to have time to all come together and just be, it seemed easier to try and invite the president on this vacation. 

But we made it happen. We invited husbands that our now forever part of our squad whether they like it or not, rented a beautiful house in Mexico right on the beach, and packed our bags to start off the New Year together and officially put the fun in dysFUNctional in a way only we can accomplish. And all I can tell you is that it was SOOOO worth it. 

I know a lot of people in this stage of life have so many legitimate reasons why a vacation like this sounds nearly impossible. But I just want to encourage you that it can work. It can work with kids.. and layoffs.. and breakups.. and different personalities.. and drama.. and crazy work schedules.. and a vegetarian, gluten-free friend who does all the grocery shopping for your trip. 

It will be full of laughter, and eating amazing food til you want to explode, and people not following the itinerary and it not being the end of the world, and ocean breezes during a beautiful sunset, and conversations about how life is really going, and fighting during game night, and learning how to say “cheers” in four different languages, and planning to work out more than you actually do, and letting your guard down in a way you can only do around family, and priceless memories you will cherish forever. 

All of this is possible. I just experienced it.