What to do in Monteverde

Visiting Monteverde is something that many visitors to Costa Rica make part of their itinerary, and it is one of the top destinations in the country.  People come here to experience nature at it’s very finest.  The cloud forests are brimming with plants and animals, the zip lines and suspension bridges are the longest (and most exciting) in the country, and the coffee is tasty, local and cheap. Each of these diversions – as well as countless other activities – can be enjoyed through a number of exciting tours.

I would not say that I am necessarily a “nature lover”, but I would certainly say I am a nature appreciate-er.  I appreciate seeing nature in all it’s glory and being in awe of this great world that has been created for us.

In doing research on things to do in Monteverde, I made sure I was well-researched on all of my options. Here is a sampling of adventures and activities you could enjoy while visiting this amazing location:

  • Cloud Forest Reserve: Explore the cloud forest with an expert guide
  • Canopy Tour: zip line through the rainforest and over the clouds
  • Sky Walk: A combination of suspension bridges and walking trails built into the Cloud Forest and above the forest canopy
  • Night Tour: Explore the forest after dark with a guided night tour. (Supposedly this is when everything comes out to play-- I prefer when everything is hidden)
  • Horseback Riding: Enjoy morning tours, a sunset tour, or bird watching from atop a horse.
  • Coffee Tour: Visit a local coffee farm and watch the process in action from beginning to end.

Those all sound pretty incredible to me. When it came time to decide what I would do while I visited, I chose to take a quieter approach. I was looking for some solitude and peace, and that started with the quiet cabin I stayed at overlooking the forest (more on that later!). The activities I did choose were perfectly suited to the overall experience I wanted to have.

Selvatura Hanging Bridges: Tree top walkways through virgin cloud forest and one of the most amazing ways to experience the beauty of this rare ecosystem. 

This isn’t really a “tour”, because after they take you up there, you are free to explore and go at your own pace, so of course I just distanced myself from everyone so I could spend the 2 hours alone in the forest and take it all in.

sky walk tour monteverde cloud forest.jpg
suspension bridges cloud forest.jpg

Horseback Ride to the Hot Springs: A special and unique experience that included a private horseback ride down to to secluded hot springs nearby at a neighboring property. (Only available to guests at the property I was staying at.)
The place is very unique, far from the beaten track with a cloud forest water river flowing right beside two beautifully handmade pools, sheltered by native trees.


Peace and quiet: Lots of quiet, reading time on my porch. Every sunset and even one sunrise! This is what I hold dear in my heart from the last few days. The quiet time to be with my thoughts, not having an agenda, and appreciating nature at it’s finest.  Being a “nature appreciat-er” but borderline lover.

peaceful cabin monteverde.jpg
peaceful retreat monteverde.jpg

I look forward to talking with you about an experience that looks something like this, or completely different! That is the beauty of creating your own tailor-made travel! Contact me to discuss further.