My office is... Wherever I am.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit.  I have always known that about myself, and it was further confirmed when I took a multitude of tests after I retired from being an athlete that were supposed to help guide me into my next career. It told me I was driven, self-motivated, unafraid of taking risks, resourceful, don’t need to actually get paid to work my tail off… and on and on. So, instead I headed straight into pharmaceutical sales, which is like corporate america on steroids.  It took me less than 2 years to realize that as comforting as it is having money just appear in your bank account Every. Two. Weeks., it just wasn’t me. 

I want to create.. help people in my own way.. work on my terms.. take big risks.. and I don’t want to always do it from “the office” (read- my desk/kitchen table/couch/window seat). I’ve discovered that the beauty of having the majority of my business be online, is that all I really need to work is my computer and some half decent wifi. I can easily plan your trip to Guatemala and set up your tour through ancient ruins while I am discovering the best place to go wine tasting in the south of France, while actually being in France — or sitting at my favorite coffee shop in LA. 

Just last week, one of my client's who is a wildly successful business owner summed up perfectly  how she meshes together her business life and personal life. She finds a way to bring out the best opportunities within her own unique parameters:

"The beauty of being an entrepreneur is the ability to locate an office anywhere in the world.  If there's wifi, there's endless possibilities.  I love mixing business and personal travel because it embodies the best of both worlds.  Working is a necessity, but doing it while sipping on bubbly seated next to a pool makes all the difference!”
photo: Jasmine Star

photo: Jasmine Star

I want you to really consider this mindset if you are a small business owner that does a lot of your work online. So often we are the type of people that believe we can never take time off to travel because there is always so much to do, stay on top of, and get done. For most of us, there is no such thing as getting our work done between 9 to 5 and then having 3 weeks paid vacation that you can take whenever your heart desires, simply by requesting it. But I don’t believe that should stop you from seeing the world. It’s certainly not going to stop me. Sure, I am building my business around travel, so it behooves me to continue to do important market research. But I also believe that I can combine these two parts of my life in a way that is going to ultimately bring me the most joy, and I believe others can too simply by being intentional. We live in a day and age that makes our world so small, so take advantage of that by not limiting yourself to staying in that one corner of your office/dining room/work area. I promise you I can find you a much better backdrop!