Day Trip in Bali

My first full day in Bali was actually spent exploring other surrounding islands.  A group of us from the bed and breakfast I am staying at all went out on a boat to have some fun, go exploring underwater, and have a nice lunch and see what nearby Nusa Lembongan has to offer. 

Bali has some really amazing places to dive and snorkel, and we certainly took advantage of that.  I came in contact with some of the hugest Manta Ray’s I have ever seen! Of course… that may intimate that I have seen many, which isn’t really the case…but nevertheless I am certain that they were much larger than normal! My friend April, who is the world’s biggest creature-of-any-kind lover, and top notch dare devil, had a grand old time getting up close and personal with them.  

I was content to be the photographer. I much prefer to show off my dare devil-ness in other ways, and so of course when someone suggested jumping off the top of the boat, I quickly did a scan to make sure those Ray’s were nowhere in site, and then made a competition out of it. Nobody really knew it was a competition, I just politely compared my picture to everyone else’s so that they knew I won. ;)

Exploring nearby Nusa Lembongan was an opportunity to see a much more mellow side of Bali. The views from our lunch spot were to die for, and also included a totally relaxing freshwater pool to cool off in while you wait for your food to come…which always seems to take some time in these parts. 

My first full day in Bali was all that and then some. I had the opportunity to mix in some incredible adventures, meet some amazing fellow travelers, and soak in some serenity. It was one of those days that seamlessly blended from one thing to the next, without too much effort for an incredible payoff.  

Make sure you keep checking back during these next few weeks as my adventures continue, and learn more about this incredible place.