It starts with TRUST.

My favorite "client" is in Amsterdam right now, to experience the beauty of The Netherlands during springtime, connect with her better half, and celebrate her birthday. I have been particularly invested in planning and creating this trip, because this beautiful lady is not just my best client, she's also my best friend.

Photo credit: JD

Photo credit: JD

She has trusted my ability to plan her vacations long before I had a business card that said I was qualified to do so. She believes in my ability to see her travel through her eyes and create trips that will suit her best.

I now know Amsterdam through the lens of her experience. The places she would want to photograph... The things she would want to spend an afternoon getting lost in... The tourist spots she could do without... The restaurants she would love (which as a gluten free, vegetarian are the exact opposite of what I would love)

This trip is special to me. She is special to me. Whenever you do something new and slightly scary in life, hopefully you have that friend by your side to not only encourage and support you, but who puts her travel where her mouth is, so to speak. She does.


Happy Birthday Jasmine Star! I hope you have the most amazing day and these memories stay with you forever..