Different Ways to Experience Ireland

Ireland is magical. There is beauty to be found across the whole country, and so much of that you get to see by actually driving from place to place.  Whereas sometimes driving on vacation is a necessary evil, in Ireland it’s part of the specialness. So, whether you take an extended vacation and see the whole country, or get specific by just picking one half or the other and take your time to see and do more at each of your stops, there will be no shortage of things that leave you speechless.  


So, my question for you is… How do you Ireland?

Is this a new country you are looking to explore and you would prefer the comfort of a coach tour? You have the perfect itinerary that allows you to see and visit all the parts of Ireland that interest you, with amazing tour guides, comfortable hotels, and a luxury coach escorting you the whole way. 

Are you the type of person that would enjoy the ability to wake up each day and simply wander at will, exploring new places as find your way from town to town? You stop when you feel like it and spend as much time as you please before deciding to move on, not hindered by any set plans and knowing that wherever you ended up, you would have accommodations for the night?

Would you like to have an idea where you are going and explore the countryside on your own with the stops fully customized to your liking, yet not be responsible for any of the driving? The complete freedom of your own car and your own pace, combined with the luxury of a driver to escort you along the way as well as act as your own personal guide pointing out interesting things to just your intimate party?


Whether you are happiest being a wandering nomad or crave a bit of structure, there is a perfect Irish trip waiting for you— I am sure of it! The recent trip I planned was the best hybrid for these particular clients, with stops created around the sights they most wanted to see. It was a self-guided tour where they drove themselves and were able to reserve the best accommodations along the way to provide them with the comfort they were looking for. They are adventurous souls who appreciated the freedom of their own vehicle, yet wanted the very best each area had to offer.  So, we planned for that and allowed the rest to unfold naturally. 

There are so many things to see and do on a vacation to Ireland, that beginning to plan can seem overwhelming to some.  I’m here to help give your ideas and plans structure and see that they come to life. Whether that’s doing a coach tour, being completely self-guided, or having your trip be chauffeured so that you can really sit back and relax—the choice is yours and I can help you plan it!  Contact me to learn more.