What. A. Year.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year has literally flown by. 

2016 has truly been one for the books. It was a year of so much growth and transformation, both personally and professionally. I am so thankful to have another year under my belt doing something I love, helping you be inspired to travel more, and creating some wonderful trips that have allowed some amazing people to see and experience the world in a way that meets their hearts desires. 

This year, my globe trotting self was able to stamp my passport six times. 

Cabo. Dominican Republic. Italy. Vancouver. Paris. Cancun.


And actually, I am headed back to San Miguel de Allende on the 31st, so I guess I will squeeze one more in! :)

But even more fulfilling than that, is the trips I got to pour my heart and soul into, and see and experience more of our world through the eyes of some amazing clients. That list was epic…

Antigua. Argentina. Aruba. Austria. Bahamas (x2). Barcelona (x2) Belize. Bora Bora. Burgundy. BVI. Cabo (x2). Cancun (x2). Champagne. Costa Rica (x3). Croatia (x2). Galapagos Islands. Germany. Hawaii (x3). Italy (x7). Ireland (x2). Madrid. Mexico City. Nice. Napa. Panama. Paris (x4). Prague. Peru (x2). Puerto Rico. Puerto Vallarta. Rio. Sedona. Seoul. Switzerland. Thailand. Tokyo. Tulum.

My hope is that together, we get to see and experience even more in 2017! The world is full of amazing places… you should go, and I should plan it.