5 Original Day Trips from Florence

Florence has it all. There is something for everyone in the historic city where churches brush up against modern malls and restaurants. The beauty is not only encased within the walls of the city; By spreading out just a few hours in many directions, you can be led to lush, culturally vibrant experiences that will enhance your understanding of the beautiful culture. These top five Florence day-trips according to EmiliaDelizia will add the perfect extra excitement to your Italian vacation.

 Cinque Terre - Beautiful views and Beach Time

Cinque Terre Day Trip from Florence

Cinque Terre is known for its luscious and breathtaking coastline waiting expectantly for travelers. Most of the beaches are free to access and only require payment for extras and rentals. This coast is also surrounded by fabulous bars and restaurants to top off the perfect beach and sea day. Monterosso beach is by far one of the most stunning with its perfectly calming sea breezes.

Time from Florence: 2+ hours by train or car

Lucca - The Little Bit of Everything

Day trip to Lucca from Florence

Lucca is an ancient town that has the familiarities of our every day conveniences. The center of the town is an ancient Roman amphitheater that was repurposed and updated many times. Today, it is used to create a foundation for the buildings of Lucca. Close by is the incredibly modern pedestrian promenade that is made from the remnants of the old battlements surrounding the town. This juxtaposition of old and new has made Lucca an impossible destination to miss. 

Distance from Florence: under 1 1/2 hours from Florence by train or car

Perugia - Foodie Paradise

Day trip from Florence to Perugia

Perugia is home to porchetta, a deliciously golden, whole roasted pig that has been seasoned and stuffed with fresh garlic and herbs. This meat is juicy and delicious, unlike any type of pork in the world. It is a specialty of the area and only cooked in kitchens large enough to house an oven that can fit an entire pig inside.

Also calling Perugia home is Baci, the favorite European chocolate-covered hazelnut. This chocolate was invented here and as Perugia is the place of residence of many established confectionaries, Eurochocolate, the chocolate festival, is held here every year in October. 

Distance from Florence: 2 hours by train or car

Arezzo - Historical Heaven

Day Trip from Florence to Arezzo

It has been said many times that a person may step right back in time when walking through the streets of Arezzo. This historically preserved town is alive with beautiful, Romanesque architecture that dates back almost 800 years. Some sights of interest include the Piazza Grande, the beautiful square where the film Life is Beautiful was filmed. The Duomo Arezzo is an impressive, massive cathedral that was built in the 1300's but was completed a few hundred years later. The Pieve di Santa Maria is the oldest and most historic church of Arezzo and was built in the late 1200's and only retouched and restored continuously until the 19th century. 

Distance from Florence: 1 hour by train or car

 Lago di Trasimeno - Lake Time Splurge

Day trip from Florence to Lake Trasimeno

ake Trasimeno is a historic area with two distinguished towns: the ancient fishing village of Passignano Sul Trasimeno and a more modern town of Castiglione del Lago. Both offer incredible views of the freshwater body and fantastic excursions, but the greatest feature is the amount of delicious, traditionally prepared food.

Distance from Florence: under 2 hours by train or car


Why not make your base in beautiful Florence, and take some amazing day trips to a few of these destinations? I would love nothing more than to help you plan the most amazing trip to Italy, that fulfills exactly what you want it to. Contact me to start planning!