NFL International Series: Travel + Sports

I love travel!! I love sports!!

If you know me, these are two very true statements.  So any time I have the opportunity to create crossover with those two passions, it’s absolute win in my book! About a month ago, they released the information for the NFL International Series.  3 games in London, and 1 game in Mexico City.  

I have been to many, many NFL games in my life, but never in another country. To me, that sounds like an absolute dream! Being able to explore London (and beyond!), plus root for your favorite team all in one swoop?! Sign me up.  

It sounded like such a great idea, I decided to create 3 simple itineraries that would make the whole process easy and enjoyable. They’re a baseline of how to make a trip like this come together successfully.  

4 Night London Escape

Visit London and see an Nfl game. NFL international series

Enjoy the magic London has to offer with this vacation package. This is the perfect amount of time to fly over for the game, and make sure you get in the necessary sight-seeing in as well.

6 Night London + Edinburgh

Vacation in London and Edinburgh

Visit London and Edinburgh and travel the paths of royalty. Set your watch to Big Ben, wander through Covent Garden or sit and have a picnic in Hyde Park in London. Be sure to visit Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh where you will run into amazing Victorian and Georgian architecture at every turn. Experience two capitals in one with this London and Edinburgh 6-night vacation package.

6 Night London + Paris

Visit London and Paris 

Treat yourself to a blissful week in two of Europe’s most stylish cities: London and Paris. See sights like London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower, and use your free time to relish both cities’ superb restaurants, museums and theatres. This 6-night package offers expert guiding, private transfers, first-class train travel, and 4- and 5-star hotel properties. Blending convenience, luxury and excitement, there’s no finer way to experience these two extraordinary capitals.


These are just a few ideas I have come up with for fans to enjoy their travel experience as well as the game! If you want an easy London sightseeing itinerary to go with it, I’ve created a great one for you to organize your time in the city.  


If you’d like to discuss how to make this trip across the pond completely tailor-made to your tastes and desires, or see more details of the itineraries I’ve created, I would love to hear from you. Contact me today.