Packing Tips and Tricks

I will never forget the first time I packed for a 3 week trip to Europe. I exited the airport with 2 full sized roller bags, a carryon roller bag, and a backpack.  Included in those suitcases were various outfit options for whatever might come up during my time abroad, about 10 pairs of shoes, and at least 6 pairs of jeans. I wanted to be prepared.

I then remember the moment when I needed to take the train from one city to the next.  I looked around anxiously for the elevator or escalator that would take me from street level to where the platforms were and saw nothing. So I made 3 trips up and down the stairs with two 50 pound bags, as frenchmen whisked past me with no offers of help.  

Never again.

Packing tips for going on vacation

Springtime is here. The flowers are in blossom in many parts around the globe, and it is the right time to visit your favorite destinations. But before you can do so, you will have to go through the arduous task of packing right for the journey. I am not a packing genius, but I have improved tremendously since that fateful afternoon at the train station. 

Today I want to share with you a fool proof system to take you through the basics. The golden rule is to be organized. So, start with a list of items that you think you will need. This list will be the master list. It will have information about your clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything else that you want to take with you. Once you have made the initial list, it is highly advisable to revise it and remove duplicate things. After all, you do not need to take 4 pair of shoes just for a weekend. (I know… it’s hard.)

The second step includes choosing the appropriate bag. If airports are involved go with wheeled trolley bags. Those other bags look great, but are just not functional. If it’s a hiking/adventure trip, I would recommend backpacks from The North Face. I am headed out to the Grand Canyon next month, and this will be my luggage of choice.  

This step is followed by doing the actual packing. You will want to use the tried and tested roll method for packing the bag. Start with putting the heavier items at the bottom, as it will balance out the bag, especially if it’s a vertical trolley one. Separate out the toiletries in a sealed plastic bag, so that even if the dreaded things get squished, they will not ruin your favorite outfits. Always carry the precious items in your handbag or on your person, if you are travelling by airplane/train or any situation where you will be separated from the luggage.

You are now ready to start packing for your next adventure. Make sure you come back to this handy infographic to remind you of all the things you need to remember to pack properly for your next vacation. 

Happy Traveling!