Nicaragua Overnight Tours from Costa Rica

I love Central America. Costa Rica is one of my “soul destinations”, and by that I mean a place I go to to get in tune with the deepest parts of me, and where I feel like the beauty of nature is on display everywhere you turn.  There are so many destinations within Costa Rica to visit and fall in love with, but it also happens to be neighbors with some other pretty awesome countries as well. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to plan an incredible trip to Costa Rica and add on a side trip to Nicaragua. I feel so inspired by it, that it’s on my to do list to take my own adventure to Nicaragua sometime soon!  It’s proximity to the Guanacaste region makes it an amazing addition to a Costa Rican adventure, or an experience all on it’s own.

Lakes, volcanoes, cities lost in time and literature make Nicaragua one of the most interesting countries in Central America. I definitely believe that it is a destination worth being explored, and my suggestion is to at least stay overnight, and not simply do a day trip.

Here is an overview of what there is to experience in Nicaragua when you are considering it as an add on to a wonderful Central American vacation experience, or an experience all of it’s own.

  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the Maderas and Concepción Volcanoes located on one of the largest islands of the world in the freshwater lake, Ometepe.
what to do in nicaragua
  • Visit Granada, and go back in time in one of the most antique Cities of Central America with more than 20 churches and buildings are more than 200 years old.
  • Enjoy a horse carriage tour by the most important buildings and visit the market.
  • Climb the tower at the church of La Merced for a panoramic view of the historic city.
visit granada nicaragua
  • Take a boat tour of over 30 islands scattered on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.
  • Tour of Mombacho Volcano reserve and zip lining through the cloud forest.
  • See the most active crater in Nicaragua “Santiago” at the Masaya Volcano, and make a shopping stop at the Masaya Indian Market where you will find just about any imaginable item.
  • Explore San Juan del Sur, a laidback fishing village and half-moon bay with great seafood and lots of water sports.
visit san juan del sur

I am a huge fan of Central America, and it’s an area that has so many hidden treasures to explore. Nicaragua happens to be one of the safest countries to travel in all of Latin America, and is a beautiful country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, as well as rich history and culture. Contact me if this is an area of the world you are excited to explore further!