A change of scenery: Moving south to sunny San Diego

Four years ago I moved away from San Diego after I retired as an athlete and was heading into a new career field. I had gotten hired as a pharmaceutical sales rep with an LA territory, and my life was taking a pivot. It was not a huge move— San Diego to Los Angeles hardly qualifies as a big change. But the overall look of my life was a complete makeover.

I was bummed to be leaving San Diego, but it wasn’t long before life in LA started to grow on me again. I had friends and family nearby, there were great restaurants and cool, hipster coffee shops on every other corner. I also had a ton of awesome boutique workout studios to choose from for all my new civilian workouts, and began to take advantage of all the great things that make LA an awesome place to live (from the opinions of everyone who doesn’t hate LA).

When I transitioned  from my short stint in corporate America to life as an entrepreneur with no real need to be in any specific location, I still kept LA as a home base. I’m a Cali girl at my roots. If I needed to think of a home state, this would be the only one that really makes sense. 

But lately I started to get that gnawing sense that I needed change in my life. Not just another week long trip that usually does the trick when I get antsy. I felt in my heart that I needed to shake things up and change my home base. 

Sunset Cliffs San Diego

So, here I am in San Diego. I’ve subleased a little cottage walking distance to the beach for the next six months, and I’m taking full advantage the ability to work from anywhere. I realized that location freedom, which is the incredibly appealing part of my job, doesn’t necessarily need to involve getting on a plane and packing a suitcase. 

I’ve been here a week and I’ve stared at the ocean every single day. I even attempted a couple of “runs by the beach”, because I thought that made sense, but I was reminded quite quickly that the whole “run for fun” is the part of civilian workouts that I have a hard time jumping on the bandwagon with.

I am looking forward to plugging back in here and finding my rhythm in the city that stole my heart over the years I lived here, and has so much to offer. I really do love San Diego, and I feel like my soul is ready for this mini-change.

Ocean Beach San Diego

Bonus: My family definitely appreciates my move here, and promises they will visit often! (Which they didn't do in LA....)