Hottest Travel Trends for 2017

As we begin a new year, many of us are considering how to spend our well earned leisure time in 2017. For years there has been an explosion in what the industry calls experiential travel. What that basically means is people are more interested in actually doing something while they are on vacation, and not spending their whole time relaxing on a beach. (Although, I do like to make time for my umbrella’d drinks at some point during the year!)

Interest is at an all time high for vacations that include getting active, pursuing your passion for food and wine through culinary travel, experiencing amazing wildlife, and making time to cultivate your inner zen. 

Hottest travel trends in 2017

Let’s take a look at the hottest travel trends for this year, and get inspired to figure out where 2017 might take you next.


Mind, Body, Soul

Health conscious trips are currently all the rage.  There is a huge trend in wellness travel experiences, and people prioritizing health conscious trips. Whether that is a yoga retreat filled with wellness workshops and green juices galore, a spa getaway focused on relaxation, or a meditation focused retreat promoting a holistic lifestyle, these are the trips that help you find your Namaste.

Milk + Honey destination recommendation: BALI

Wellness Travel in Bali


Going Green

Sustainable travel is going to mean slightly different things to many people, but the truth is that there is a definite trend toward travelers being more environmentally responsible when they travel. Becoming more aware creates specific choices when it comes to destinations, types of accommodations, and even modes of transport. Whether traveling independently or part of a eco-tour, the options are endless in ways you can fulfill your aesthetic travel needs while maintaining cultural and environmental integrity. 

Milk + Honey destination recommendation: COSTA RICA


Experienced Focused

Travelers are more and more interested in prioritizing experiences rather than material possessions while they are on vacation. In 2017, that is only going to continue to grow. I see more people investing in the things they will do on vacation, and less on the things they will buy. They are inspired by their own aspirations, rather than material possessions. 

Milk + Honey destination recommendation: ICELAND

Experiential Travel in Iceland


Being Active

The trend towards being active while on vacation, and combining your travel experience with the activities you love, is an amazing way to indulge in all the usual vacation decadence like great food, etc, but still burn calories and get exercise.  So, whether that is hiking, biking, walking, etc. more and more people are seeing the benefits of this type of travel. It also allows you to see the destination in more detail and immersion, and at a better pace. 

Milk + Honey destination recommendation: PERU


Food Focused

There is a huge trend towards food-focused tours and experiences for travelers, and it is only going to continue to grow.  The appeal of including at least some type of culinary experience while traveling is shaping travel destination decisions and there is a heavy focus on what options and opportunities will exist. People want to experience the local culture through cuisine. They want authentic experiences, and (thankfully!) are not looking to eat at chain restaurants when they are traveling. 

Milk + Honey destination recommendation: SPAIN

Culinary Travel in Spain


There are a myriad of options available to you that allow you to travel in a way that speaks to who you are and what your interests are. Using a travel professional allows you to have the expertise of someone who can offer up valuable insight and recommendations, and ensure you go on the travel experience of your dreams. That’s what I’m here for and I would love to connect and find out what trend you want to explore next!