How to experience the real Bali

When I first went to Bali a few years back it quickly became one of my favorite places I had ever been to.  

I loved it far more than I even thought I would for reasons that are both obvious and personal. Bali is an amazing destination adored by many, but travel can be so much more than just a beautiful place with fun activities and great food. It can also speak to your soul and be the medicine you didn’t even realize you needed.  So, for me Bali was all that I thought it would be and also all that I needed it to be.


One of the things I loved most about my trip there, was my stay at a lovely B&B in Jimbaran Bay, with the best hosts I have ever encountered -- Bob and Lydia.  I still talk about our breakfast there to this day. They do an incredible job at making people feel at home and welcome, as well as exhibiting a real love for Bali that they want to share with everyone they encounter.  

When I returned, I said to myself that it would be so amazing if one day I could go and stay for an extended amount of time, and to even venture further out to the parts where there aren't so many tourists, and the you can truly experience the beauty of Bali.

It turns out that those very same hosts who made such an impression on my trip years ago are now offering just the thing. 

Check this out:

They are currently in the process of building a new Boutique Hotel and Bistro, and part of how they are raising funds is by having a limited pre-completion offering where you can secure your Bali vacation for years to come by purchasing your time in their new space now. There is so much benefit to this that is a far better deal than what you would get with traditional vacation property offerings (which I'm usually not a fan of). 

If you want more information, you can find it HERE

And if you ever want assistance planning your trip to Bali, know that I am passionate about this beautiful place, and would love to make your dream trip a reality.