My trip to NYC with Jambu Footwear and Good Housekeeping Magazine

Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite U.S. cities as a guest of Jambu Footwear and Good Housekeeping magazine. Jambu hosted us for a few fabulous days in the city, and we spent an afternoon at the Good Housekeeping institute, learning how they test all of their products and what is actually involved in getting their seal of approval (not easy!). To top it off we had a gorgeous lunch prepared for us in their estate room.

The Good Housekeeping institute 

I mean… just saying estate room sounds fancy enough. But then we realized that this is where former presidents have dined and relaxed and so I quickly snapped all. the. photos. 

It was an incredible experience for myself and the other bloggers, and the team at Good Housekeeping showed us the best time.


Whenever I hear about comfortable shoes that are also fashionable, my ears perk up. Because it’s really hard to get both, am I right? And sure there are times where I suffer for the sake of the right look, or put on a pair of shoes I am certain are only made for sitting, but more often than not I’m searching for something I feel confident look good and can also go the distance.

This is especially true when I’m traveling! For starters, I am #teamcarryon whenever possible, so my shoe collection must be curated. I also walk a ton on vacation, and I need a shoe that can help me see all the sights without wanting to stop because my feet hurt.

Best shoes for traveling

This is why I was super excited to hear about Jambu’s comfortable flats for women, because if they were truly as comfortable as they claimed to be, I was going to be stoked!

As some of you might have saw on Instagram or Facebook, I was go - go - go the whole time in New York and had the opportunity to test out both the Dory and the Azalea. If walking around New York all day isn’t the true test of a shoe, I don’t know what is! 

Comfortable flats for traveling

What I loved about the Dory is that it is an athletic style shoe with a unique look. The knitted top of the shoe is fashionable and stylish, but my feet felt like I was walking in the most comfortable athletic shoe all day long! That is because the shoe also has a memory foam footbed, which basically translates to feeling like there are clouds underneath your feet.

I also tried out another one of their athleisure styles (I think it is the former athlete in me that is drawn to these type of shoes), and they were just as comfortable and stylish. The Azalea style is just what I need to zip through airports and around town. The shoe is so incredibly light but still manages to give great support.  A total win.


Definitely check out some of their other new arrivals as well — Jambu has some really cute wedges and block heels that I want to check out, because it’s always nice to have a shoe that will dress up some outfits while you are traveling.

For my fellow shoppers, use discount code: BRIANNA18 – valid for 20% off any purchase now through June 30.


All photos by Heartfelt Photography