3 ways to experience Europe with more authenticity

Last week I shared about The Art of Slow Travel, and wrote about how to consider a slower paced vacation, and ultimately get more out of the experience. There are times when we can put the emphasis less on sightseeing and more on experiencing our surroundings at a relaxed and comfortable pace.

I wanted to follow up with that with some ways I can help you have this type of travel experience. Europe is a great destination for slow travel because in many places you have the opportunity to consider different types of accommodations, the public transportation systems are really simple if you aren’t interested in driving, and when necessary, you can still visit historic attractions and things of interest when the mood hits you.


how to experience italy authentic 

Perhaps you’ve been to Italy before and this time you realize that it might be nice to rent a villa for two weeks in Tuscany and have rental car to go exploring neighboring villages when the mood suits you. You can be perfectly content opening up a bottle of wine and enjoying it on your patio watching the sunset every evening, and sipping your espresso at your favorite sidewalk terrace. This is a lot closer to what they mean by living la dolce vita.


You might decide to experience the famous Irish hospitality Ireland is known for and stay in a real family home. You can choose to do a self-drive vacation through the Irish countryside and have the freedom to decide where to stay, while choosing from a variety of different town, countryside and farm locations. In fact, you are even able to decide where to go next as you travel, and simply book the next stay right before you arrive by choosing an available B&B from the over 900 homes located throughout the country.


how to plan a vacation in croatia

Maybe you take a few to explore Croatia and the Slovenian coast, and spend your time soaking up the laid-back atmosphere as you experience some of the most magnificent beaches and spectacular landscapes this part of Europe has to offer, taking your pick of charming B&B’s and spacious apartments to stay in.

Sometimes learning to travel differently can open up a whole new understanding and appreciation for the places we visit. It's definitely something to consider!