Best Places In Europe For Fall Travel

Fall is my absolute favorite time to travel to Europe. Crowds have begun to die down, the season is slowly changing bringing about cooler temps and beautiful scenery, and you are able to soak in the best of your favorite destinations.  

I have some really amazing itineraries planned this fall, and I wanted to share some a couple of my favorite ideas, if you are itching to make your way across the Atlantic in 2017, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  

A city stay in Barcelona

where to travel in Europe during the fall

After the heat of summer, you now have the opportunity to visit all the best places at a perfect temperature. Spend your days strolling the famous Rambla, walk through Park Guell and listen to local artists, spend some time on the Casa Mila rooftop, visit the famous Sagrada Familia, or have a picnic with the locals at the Park de la Ciutadella. All of this — and more — is accessible without the sweltering temperatures, but plenty of sunshine left to enjoy.  

In fact, you are even likely to be able to enjoy some beach days while you are there, as there are still plenty of sunny and warm days left. Days spent in the area known as the Barceloneta allow you to enjoy your favorite Spanish cocktail and the freshest seafood with your feet in the sand. 

Exploring the Croatian Coast

where to travel to europe in the fall. Croatia

In my opinion, Croatia has some of the most amazing hidden gems of Europe. Each destination has a unique charm all its own, and taking your time to explore the coast from top to bottom gives you the opportunity to go through interesting cities, beautiful beaches and stunning natural scenery. 

Depending on the time you can allot, you'll get a chance to enjoy some of Croatia's most magnificent beaches and natural landscapes. The lovely city of Dubrovnik is the perfect place to conclude an adventurous and exciting vacation. 

Anywhere in Italy

where to go in italy during the fall

Whether it's Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera, or one of the main cities, Italy shines. I have itineraries planned for virtually all parts of Italy in the fall, and who can blame them. This really is a place that shines during this time of year.  

Tuscany is at it’s peak with beautiful fall colors, harvest season, and sunsets that will blow your mind. You have the choice of staying in beautiful villas surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, on a wine estate or farm if that suits you, or in a historic palazzo or medieval castle even. Spend your time hiking in the hills, visiting quaint hilltop villages, enjoying the fruits of the vine in vineyard after vineyard, or day tripping to cities like Siena or Florence. It’s really hard to imagine not having the time of your life in Tuscany.

Coastal destinations like the Italian Riviera and Amalfi coast are SO POPULAR during summer, that I quite prefer the ability to visit these areas after the summer crowds have died down a bit, and the weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy your time by the sea. This is not necessarily your beach vacations with stretches of white sand as far as the eye can see in most of these areas, but it does give you beautiful rugged coastlines, excellent hiking opportunities, and interesting towns with the best seaside architecture.  Postcard perfection. 

Of course you can always pair these with a stay in Rome, or a lovely time in Florence as well. 

Choose a place that speaks to your heart and make it happen! Even though summer is in full swing, fall is just around the corner and time is almost up for you to plan the trip you know you want to go on. I’d love to hear what you’ve been dreaming of, and make it come to life. Ready to get started? STEP ONE.