If you loved Italy, go to Croatia (and other 2019 rising destinations)

Do you believe in too much of a good thing? Can you get tired of gelato?

My Vietnam Vacation: Hanoi + Ha Long Bay

Every year I commit to visiting somewhere I've never been and exploring a new destination.

How to build a multi-stop vacation: Research and Planning

Now that you have looked at your vacation in a big picture sense, it’s time to get started on the nitty gritty details. 

How to build a muli-stop vacation: Think of the big picture

The trips I plan often involve multiple stops and destinations.

5 Tips For An Amazing Parisian Experience

Paris. Oh, Paris. I am not the first person to fall in love with this city, nor will I be the last.

The Top 3 Romantic Destinations

You know those photos you see of ridiculously beautiful destinations that look too amazing to even be real?!

1 day Paris Itinerary

Paris. Oh, Paris. I am not the first person to fall in love with this city, nor will I be the last. It has inspired the world’s best poets and writers, given birth to some of the greatest art the world has ever seen, and it is home to some of my favorite things in the world— namely croissants, red wine, french fries… and now you can add macarons to the list. It is the perfect blend of modern and history, with just the right amount of class and sophistication. What is there NOT to love about the city of light?

I wanted to share with you a helpful guide to experiencing this city, based on my recent personal trip. It's a logical itinerary of activities that give you insight into the city, people, and culture, while showing you the must-sees and top attractions. It is a great starting point, especially if you are a first-time visitor.

How to Combine your Obsession with Game of Thrones and Travel

The Game of Thrones season finale may mean life feels a little empty but you can cheer yourself up with a trip to Northern Ireland and the dramatic locations where the series was filmed. 

I recently had a client depart for a month long trip to Europe, with half of that time spent in Ireland/Northern Ireland with—you guessed it—a focus on Game of Thrones sightseeing. Unbeknownst to me at the beginning of our vacation planning, some of the most majestic locations in Northern Ireland have become part and parcel of Westeros. 

Romance Destination: A Bora Bora Itinerary

Overview: A visit to French Polynesia is about as close as it gets to experiencing paradise. Enjoy 7 beautiful sun-soaked days as you quickly slip into a slower-paced way of life and spend your days enjoying the turquoise waters and top of the line luxury accommodations in your own overwater bungalow. Bora Bora is considered one of the most the most romantic islands in the world. From the dramatic scenery to the privacy and amenities of the overwater bungalows, everything here equals a 10 on the romance scale.

Nicaragua Overnight Tours from Costa Rica

I love Central America. Costa Rica is one of my “soul destinations”, and by that I mean a place I go to to get in tune with the deepest parts of me, and where I feel like the beauty of nature is on display everywhere you turn.  There are so many destinations within Costa Rica to visit and fall in love with, but it also happens to be neighbors with some other pretty awesome countries as well. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to plan an incredible trip to Costa Rica and add on a side trip to Nicaragua. I feel so inspired by it, that it’s on my to do list to take my own adventure to Nicaragua sometime soon!  It’s proximity to the Guanacaste region makes it an amazing addition to a Costa Rican adventure, or an experience all on it’s own.

Grand Canyon Vacation Planning: Best of the Southwest Road Trip

Yes, you should explore the world. But you should also take the time to explore your own backyard.  I have become more and more inspired to make these trips a priority in my travel experiences, and it’s been amazing!

If you don’t know where to start, here is a good place. This is basically my itinerary from the trip I just got back from. It’s a week long itinerary and we are going to have it start in Phoenix and end in Vegas for the out of towner who isn’t driving from home. It’s easy to do flights this way, and it makes a lot more sense when you want to get in as much as possible and not backtrack. These are literally the shortest amounts of time I would recommend spending—if you can, stay longer!

Where to Eat, Sleep, and Play in Tulum

Tulum is fast becoming one of the “go-to” Mexican destinations for many travelers.  It’s easy to see why this Mayan city built next to the sea is so popular.  It has a spectacular setting, and a laid-back, casual chic vibe that makes it an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate.

Here is my personal rundown of how to best enjoy this Caribbean beauty.

The Perfect Beverly Hills Getaway

Living in Southern California my whole life sometimes makes me forget that it is also an ideal vacation destination. I frequent the best beaches when I have an afternoon free, meet my friends for dinner at some of the finest restaurants, and enjoy cocktails at sunset on some of the city’s most picturesque rooftops. These moments are actually what others consider a vacation—and a nice one at that!

Recently, I’ve explored some fantastic properties in Beverly Hills and wanted to expand on that and provide you with an easy and amazing way to have the perfect getaway in LA’s most famous zip code. 

This is a perfect itinerary for a girls getaway, or just an excuse to add a little glitz and glamour to your life with your significant other one weekend because life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Perfect Honeymoon in Tuscany

There are so many things I love about the Tuscany region of Italy, that I consider it my top destination for honeymoons in Europe. And there is nothing I love more than crafting a perfect honeymoon experience.  There are two main ways you can do Italy— spend your time seeing a lot, or take your time having an experience.  For couples who appreciate the ability to soak in the true essence of Tuscany, and create lasting memories of special moments within a trip customized specifically for you, consider the following outline as a sneak peek into my version of la dolce vita. 

Begin in Florence…

NFL International Series: Travel + Sports

I love travel!! I love sports!!

If you know me, these are two very true statements.  So any time I have the opportunity to create crossover with those two passions, it’s absolute win in my book! About a month ago, they released the information for the NFL International Series.  3 games in London, and 1 game in Mexico City.  

I have been to many, many NFL games in my life, but never in another country. To me, that sounds like an absolute dream! Being able to explore London (and beyond!), plus root for your favorite team all in one swoop?! Sign me up.  

It sounded like such a great idea, I decided to create 3 simple itineraries that would make the whole process easy and enjoyable. They’re a baseline of how to make a trip like this come together successfully.

Spring Break for Grown-ups

Spring Break is the time of year where students in college get the opportunity to take a break from their studies, and enjoy time off in a beautiful locale that usually provides a ton of sunshine, and a few (or many) frosty beverages. I never actually went on a Spring Break vacation while I was in college, and I feared I might of missed out on my opportunity, but then I thought… Why shouldn’t grownups get a spring break vacation? 

Sure, studying for midterms is hard, but not nearly as hard as real life! Can I get an amen?!

The 5 Hottest Destinations of 2016

Happy 2016!!!

There are so many amazing places out there for us to experience, picking one can sometimes be the hardest part. But there are certain destinations that make my “Hottest Destinations” list this year because they are an incredible place to go NOW. I’d love to share them with you.

The Must-See Destination of 2016: CUBA

What to do in Monteverde

Visiting Monteverde is something that many visitors to Costa Rica make part of their itinerary, and it is one of the top destinations in the country.  People come here to experience nature at it’s very finest.  The cloud forests are brimming with plants and animals, the zip lines and suspension bridges are the longest (and most exciting) in the country, and the coffee is tasty, local and cheap. Each of these diversions – as well as countless other activities – can be enjoyed through a number of exciting tours.

Planning a Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of my favorite places. In fact, it was the first place I traveled when I retired as an athlete and wanted to escape to a place where I could just reconnect with myself, think about my life and the direction it was going, and experience what this “pura vida” was all about. I did all that and then some. Costa Rica truly is a destination that speaks to your soul and makes it sing.