How To Choose The Right Destination For Your Honeymoon

There really are endless possibilities for couples looking to experience an amazing honeymoon. Whether you decide to go on an exotic foreign expedition or visit a nearby luxurious resort, you should both feel comfortable with the destination, and agree that this is the place where you’d like to have your first family vacation. 

Here are 3 things you should consider:

Time allotted

How much time you have for your honeymoon really needs to play a factor in where you decide to go. The honeymoon is not a time to rush an experience. Understanding how long it takes to actually get to a destination, days that might be lost in transit, and if you actually have the time to experience the destination as you hope to, should be considered. 

If you only have less than a week for your honeymoon, take into account if there is the ability to fly nonstop and if you plan on being in one place the entire time. 

Maldives Best Honeymoon Destination


Budget plays an important factor in where you should go for your honeymoon. People don’t often consider how your dollar stretches in different parts of the world. Flight costs, time of year, and destination will all significantly play a role in what you are able to experience if you have a fixed budget you are hoping to stay within.

Also, taking into account the actual cost of the destination once you arrive is a huge factor. The cost of your honeymoon will be the sum total of the accommodations, activities, transportation, meals, tips, souvenirs and other travel costs, so you really should look at more than the per night rate of the hotel. 

Being beachfront on the Amalfi Coast could be significantly different than a beachfront location in Costa Rica. Shore excursions on a luxury cruise can add up quickly, whereas an All Inclusive is pretty straightforward. What it costs to eat for a week in Paris will not be the same as a week in Thailand.

(Personal note: I spent the same amount of money on a 5 day trip to Paris as I did for a 2 week trip in Bali. Both were amazing... but make sure you consider these things!)

What is the cost for a honeymoon in Paris

Experience desired

To me, the experience a couple hopes to have is the most important factor when I offer suggestions for honeymoon’s. It’s about choosing both a destination and an itinerary that reflects your personalities, while taking into account the above mentioned factors. I encourage you to consider if you’d prefer a tropical beach, big city, or a place known for adventure. Also decide how important weather is to you, if you are hoping for a distant land or someplace closer to home, if you’d like a vibrant location with people to meet, or seclusion, where it will just be the two of you. 

How to choose the best honeymoon resort

If you’re looking to enhance your opportunity to bond without undue stress over logistics or other complications, that’s where using a Travel Consultant comes in. I help you navigate all of these factors, while providing you with the honeymoon experience you are looking for — withOUT any of the stress. If that sounds like what you are looking for, I would love to speak with you!

If you want to explore what destinations might be a perfect fit for your honeymoon, take a look at this free guide I created, that will lead you to some amazing recommendations based on your personal wishes and desires.