This month I am excited to introduce a new series: Milk + Honey Travelers. My hope is to highlight the itineraries and experiences of real travelers so you can get an authentic peek at what’s possible for you.

When I decided to start featuring interviews with real Milk + Honey travelers (no script here!) on the blog, I wanted to start with a destination that’s a little off the beaten track. While I’ll never fall out of love with classics like Italy, Spain, or crystal-clear Caribbean waters, why not feature a couple who wanted something a bit out of the ordinary? Enter Carly and Jesse.


Carly has traveled extensively over the years, so they wanted to go somewhere new to both of them. They were hoping to find a place that blended a Mediterranean vibe with island flavor.

The pair said they felt Malta was a breath of fresh air — “up and coming,” Carly said. She confided she wanted backdrops that aren't already all over Instagram. In other words, the two wanted an escape with a few surprises up its sleeve, where they could enjoy unobstructed views and private moments customized to their own interests. It would be a week of romance and food — with a side of adventure.

Malta Itinerary

After they filled out the initial questionnaire, I drafted an itinerary. The next step was tweaking my ideas into a personalized, curated trip made special for them.

Carly said when they received the final, revised itinerary, she was “literally jumping on the bed excited.”

It was their first time using a travel advisor, which meant I was acutely aware of leading them step-by-step through the process. As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, using a travel advisor isn’t for everyone. For Carly and Jesse, the investment meant they could save precious time while still getting the trip of their dreams.

Later, she said, “I wanted Jesse to love this trip, and I knew if I was stressed it would leave a bitter taste in his mouth. What it really comes down to is all of the hard parts were done for you. You just have to show up and really enjoy it.”


“The first B&B where we stayed, Julesy’s, was so dreamy. I was sad to leave the moment I walked in. It felt like it was out of a novel, it was so lovely. The location was idyllic… Winding narrow cobblestone alleys and beautiful unique doors on every flat. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. I did some cursory research into Malta and immediately I was overwhelmed. I knew I didn’t want to stay in a big box hotel, didn’t want to stay in a touristy area. But I didn’t know how to find quaint, boutique bed and breakfasts. It was just magical.”


“I cried, it was so perfect. Food is like my hobby. I love food. I love talking about it. I love reading about it. I love eating it. I love food. This food tour that was so magical, it was just stunning. We had a guide, Christian, come to our door to take us.

First, we went to a bakery and got to see the wood-burning ovens and pick out local bread. Then we went to this sheep farm with a woman named Grace. She milks the sheep every day and makes cheese. We got to meet Grace, see the sheep, eat the cheese, try the cheese dried outside in the Mediterranean wind.

From there, he took us to the olive grove. ...There’s this small path through. To your right, it’s just pomegranate trees and they’re heavy with this ripe fruit. And to your left, there are olives and bay trees. It was magic. From there, we sat down with a view over the valley. We had capers, olives, bread, cheese, wine — and it was just my husband and I. How in the world would anyone have found it on their own?”


“It was just so much more luxurious to not have to figure it out, like call a cab to get to point B. Our drivers were taken care of for every excursion. And I felt like we didn’t miss part of the island. There was no FOMO! I didn’t have any concerns like ‘Oh my gosh, we missed the best part.’ This is the convenience of an all-inclusive with the interest of an exotic place. It was a total dream. To have the chance to experience everything stress-free, paid in advance, and perfectly planned — you’ve got to be kidding me!”

How to plan a trip to Malta

Jesse and Carly are in the midst of dreaming up their next adventure, and I’m excited to dig into planning the details for them. If you’re interested in a VIP trip to Malta or any other gorgeous corner of the world, please get in touch. It’s my pleasure to give Milk + Honey Travelers the gift of saving time and gaining unforgettable memories in exotic destinations.

Thank you to Exclusively Malta for helping me make this trip come to life.