How To Talk About Your Honeymoon As A Couple

Honeymoon’s are your first family vacation. As such, the planning of your first family vacay should be of utmost importance. You want it to be special for the both of you, encompassing the type of experience you both are going to enjoy and cherish. 

Who should plan the honeymoon?

Traditionally, it is the bride’s job to plan the wedding, and the groom gets the responsibility of planning the honeymoon. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for tradition to begin with. For my own wedding, I am happy to give up those planning reigns, but when it comes to the honeymoon, well, THAT is the thing I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl. 

Regardless of who is in charge of the nitty gritty details, coming up with the overall experience that is going to suit you best should be something you discuss together.  

Mr. Fiancé might see this is as the perfect opportunity for an adventure filled honeymoon, where the two of you spend your days zip-lining through rainforests, ATV’ing around volcanoes, and rappelling down waterfalls. At the same time, Mrs. Bride to Be has been daydreaming of is how many umbrellas she can collect during their week on a secluded beach in the Maldives.  

Both are amazing experiences, but it’s probably best to get on the same page so you know what to expect — and what to pack!

How to plan the perfect honeymoon

I have created Honeymoon Experience categories that I like to discuss with couples looking to plan their ideal honeymoon and it starts with the type of questions you should be discussing. This will ultimately lead you to what destination and experience will suit you best.  

10 Questions to help you talk about your Ideal Honeymoon

  1. Do we envision ourselves taking romantic strolls along a secluded beach?
  2. Are we interested in enriching cultural experiences in between make-out sessions?
  3. How much of a nightlife are we looking for?
  4. Does it to be perfect tanning weather the entire time?
  5. Is this the time to go off the beaten path or would we be more comfortable in a tourist friendly setting?
  6. Would we feel more comfortable in a luxury resort or a small, romantic boutique hotel?
  7. Is amazing food and delicious wine an absolute necessity?
  8. Should we opt for a secluded destination or be nearby a bit more action? 
  9. Are we going to want informative guides showing us the must-see sights?
  10. Would we get bored if the most activity we get is swaying in a hammock all day?

Answering these questions is a fantastic start to seeing where both of you would find the most happiness. Don’t worry if you answer some of the questions differently — that’s certainly going to happen, and there are destinations that can definitely help you find the perfect compromise for both of your desires.

If you are interested in how the answers to these 10 questions point to the perfect destination that will give you the experience you are after, I’ve created an easy guide and flow chart that spells it out for you. Download it for free HERE.

If you'd love to chat about your ideal honeymoon experience, I would be delighted if you dropped me a note! Feel free to contact me to discuss all the amazing options available to you around the globe.