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International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day Today, and I felt like it would be an awesome time to honor and highlight some of the beautiful women I met in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago.

Some of the very best memories of my time in the Dominican Republic was the opportunity to spend time with these ladies. This is the group from RePapel that we spent the day making paper with. They are so full of life and love, and it shined through like you wouldn’t believe.

At the beginning of our time together, they each shared their story. Every one of them started with “I have this many kids, and this many grandkids." It was not lost on me how dedicated these women were to their families, and how each and every decision and sacrifice they made was for them.

What I Experienced with Fathom Travel

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with Fathom Travel as part of their pilot program. I took part in some of the activities that will be offered once sailing starts in just a little over a month, and see firsthand what the experience will look like for people choosing a travel experience whose main goal is making an impact in the destination where they are headed. 

Spring Break for Grown-ups

Spring Break is the time of year where students in college get the opportunity to take a break from their studies, and enjoy time off in a beautiful locale that usually provides a ton of sunshine, and a few (or many) frosty beverages. I never actually went on a Spring Break vacation while I was in college, and I feared I might of missed out on my opportunity, but then I thought… Why shouldn’t grownups get a spring break vacation? 

Sure, studying for midterms is hard, but not nearly as hard as real life! Can I get an amen?!