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Choosing the right destination in Bali

People move around in Bali and that’s part of the appeal and beauty of it. If you’re considering a trip there, you should think about what kind of person you are and what type of experience you hope to have, and let that help guide you. There are also many different types of activities and sightseeing destinations, so choosing the right location can make your whole trip easier and more seamless.

The truth is, most of us see ourselves in multiple categories, and so the longer you stay, the more you can really experience all parts of your personality. I probably had a good 2 more personalities to explore, so my stay next time will have to be extended. The following is what I gathered about some of the areas of Bali, either through my own research and places I stayed, or from chatting with others while I was there.

Areas of Bali and what kind of traveler would enjoy it most:

Pictured: Ubud

Pictured: Ubud

The spiritual, soulful artist: UBUD

*There is plenty of art and culture to make you feel like you are experiencing real Balinese life. There is tons of authentic, yummy food, and just about any type of accommodation you would desire. It’s beautiful, slightly cooler than the beach areas, and if you stay outside of the crazy center, you will really feel at peace here. The above photo was taken at the pool of Sunrise Villas, a beautiful place to stay and appreciate the surroundings.

Pictured: Seminyak

Pictured: Seminyak

The upscale diva: SEMINYAK

*Slightly quieter and certainly more upscale than neighboring Legian and Kuta. You will find great restaurants and a variety of beautiful villas to choose from. Also, there are some good beaches, although not the best for swimming. A lot of expats choose this area, though, so not quite as “authentic” in these parts, but will give you a bit of luxury, if you so desire, while still being close to the action.

The disconnected diver: AMED

*Very little to do here besides relax, dive, and snorkel. For some that sounds like absolute paradise, and so this area of small villages would be just perfect. This is for the laid-back folks who don’t want to encounter a bunch of other tourists. It’s also the hottest and driest part of Bali, so you'd be wise to spend a lot of time underwater!



Pictured: Jimbaran

Pictured: Jimbaran

The laid-back beach-goer: JIMBARAN 

*Nice beach area that is lined with fresh seafood restaurants each night, that are usually framed by a nice sunset in the background. There is a good mix of accommodations and pretty laid-back atmosphere. There is not a ton of things to do here, but it is convenient to the airport and a good base to see the south part of Bali.

Pictured: Uluwatu

Pictured: Uluwatu

The surfer enthusiast: ULUWATU

*Lovers of beaches, surfing, and sun will be right at home in the south of Bali. These beaches have some world-famous breaks, and people stay here expecting to spend most of their time on the water. There is a number of basic accommodations, although some luxury options are mixed in, and have amazing views.

The generic socialite: NUSA DUA

*A bunch of upscale resorts lined up next to one another behind a gated compound, and an area that does it’s best to be wholly inauthentic.  The Balinese aren’t even allowed on the beaches. Here you will overpay for everything, and get the same experience you could get by flying 2 hours instead of 20. Not worth it, in my opinion.


* Not a lot of tourists, no motorized transport, and endless beauty to just explore at your own leisure. These quick escapes from the main areas of Bali seem like a great addition to a holiday.


Pictured: Legian

Pictured: Legian

The party animal: KUTA/LEGIAN

*If you want to be surrounded by a bunch of tourists and drink beer all day every day, this may be the place for you. It’s incredibly crowded, and while there are a large amount of choices when it comes to accommodations, restaurants, and shopping, there is nothing about this area that will give you “relaxing”, if that is what you seek. The beach is always close by when you stay and offers good surf breaks.


The options available can seem overwhelming, and people often worry about making the wrong choice, especially when it’s a new destination for them. That’s why it can be so important to work with a travel professional who is interested in helping you discover what is going to give you your best experience and the type of vacation you’re looking for. Whether it’s Bali or elsewhere, this is the kind of thing I love helping with. 

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Bali Part 1: Jimbaran

Visiting Bali gives you the opportunity to have whatever type of experience you’re seeking, if you simply make the right choice on where to plant yourself. It’s also extremely easy to move around the island.  I am spending two weeks here, and I chose 3 very distinct places to visit, based on the things I wanted to see and do, the type of vibe I was looking for, and the fact that it’s my first time here.  

My first stop in Bali was in Jimbaran. This is the place you go when you’re looking for a nice beachside area, that is laid-back and unpretentious. It’s close to the airport and makes a very convenient destination after traveling for 25 hours.  I also was looking to cross a few things off my “tourist list”, and figured this would be a good place to do it from. 

Here are a few of the highlights.

Day Trip to snorkel and visit Nusa Lembongan- I already blogged about this day, but it was another reason I chose to stay in this area. Jimbaran makes a trip to Nusa Lembongan easy, as it’s only 15 minutes to the dock and then about 45 minutes to great snorkeling and to see the island.

South Bali Beach Tour- There are many great beaches to explore in south Bali, so we hired a driver to take us around to a few we wanted to check out, and spend time at. By the way… “hiring a driver” is super inexpensive and a total cost effective way to see the sites. $35 for the day.

Uluwatu Temple and Fire Dance- This was on my list of tourist attractions I’d like to see and check off. It was interesting and a very unique experience. Not something I would need to see again, but I’m glad I experienced it. The chanting is still not out of my head.


Jimbaran Beach and Seafood Dining by the ocean- Jimbaran is known for their seafood restaurants by the sea. We spent the afternoon hanging out at the laid-back beach club here, and then dug our feet into the sand while we chowed down on seafood caught that morning. 

Birthday Celebration- I’m pretty chill when it comes to my birthday. I started off the day with a massage (the place down the street from where we were staying was $6.50 for an hour!), and then I really just wanted a nice day by a pool with a few cocktails.  So, we made our way to Cocoon Beach Club and had a day of it. Happy Birthday to me!

Tanah Lot Temple- Another one of the sites I had on my list. Not really close to Jimbaran, so we actually stopped here on our way to our next destination. Since we “hired a driver”, you can just make the day of it and do whatever interests you. This place is best viewed at sunset, but we actually came during the day and had a really awesome experience with getting a blessing from the priests with the holy water that flows through here.

This trip has been amazing so far and we are only half way through our journey! Check back to see more updates, and contact me whenever you're ready to start your own adventure in paradise!