trips to Mexico

A Beautiful Experience in San Miguel de Allende

I had heard about San Miguel de Allende last year in depth and just knew it was a good fit for me. Have you ever felt that way about a place?  I have a certain personality type that goes well with certain destinations, and I believe we all do. Now don’t get me wrong, my personality at times is also very well suited to a luxury beachfront resort! But in this season of life, I wanted to find a place that felt invigorating to my soul and stimulated a sense of creativity and peace.  

Mission accomplished. 

Why Mexico City is Worth Visiting

The first question I heard when people heard about my current travel adventure was why?  Why would you go to Mexico City?

Mexico City was never my original destination.  The small, colonial town of San Miguel de Allende had been on my radar for about a year, and I decided that trip was going to happen sooner rather than later. But when I started researching and learning that getting to San Miguel was not the most convenient, the option to expand my trip was born.