The Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Potato Head Beach Club best beach club in Bali

I love a good beach club. There’s something about the beach AND a party vibe that makes all the sense in the world to me. Yes, I want to lounge in comfort, sip my overpriced umbrella’d drink, nosh on some yummy food, and listen to some great tunes— all while watching the waves crash! 

When I visited Bali last year, I actually researched all the different beach clubs and made a list of all the ones I wanted to visit. They were all unique. Some were your typical party vibes, while others were laid back and unpretentious, letting the scenery and the essence of Bali do the talking. And honestly, when you are in Bali that is quite enough. But I made sure to sample a variety of them, for research purposes of course. 


Here is the rundown on some of my faves:

Cocoon Beach Club

Cocoon Beach Club best beach club in Bali

This upscale beach club is where I chose to spend my birthday. It’s a great mix of poolside fun during the day, and lively beats to rock out to at night. If you want to add a little romance into the mix, you can also choose to snag a spot on the rooftop terrace to watch the sunset in the most dramatic way possible. Overall, this is a great place to spend the day or evening, and enjoy the views along with some amazing food and drinks.

Best for: A fun daytime experience with a long, lazy lunch.

Sundara Beach Club

Sundara best beach club in Bali

Jimbaran Bay is a lovely beach, with a laid back vibe and killer sunsets. The beach here is calm and relaxing, something you don’t find at many beaches in Bali. We actually spent half the day at Jimbaran Beach Club and the other half at Sundara Beach Club. It is owned by the fab Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, but you don’t need to be a guest to take advantage of this luxury experience, and can spend the day perched in a chic cabana and cooling off in the Olympic-sized pool. 

Best for: A laid-back luxury daytime experience.

Ku de Ta

This place sets up shop on a gorgeous beachfront location in Seminyak, and is known for amazing food and entertainment. It is the embodiment of upscale Balinese lifestyle. Come here as the sun is setting, and witness an amazing sunset, while you sip on delicious libations. The architecture and design of this place is also stunning. This can be a cool place to lounge during the day, but it doesn’t have a pool. Instead, consider this location for an evening of fun.

Best for:  An upscale dining experience and a night of fun.

Potato Head Beach Club

potato head beach club best beach club in bali

In my experience, this was the mother of all beach clubs. It is one of the hottest beach clubs in town, and you would be wise to make a reservation for one of the popular daybeds to spend the day and evening enjoying your time there. It is the blend of entertainment, gastronomy and stunning architecture that makes this quite the experience. During the day it’s an epic pool party, and night time brings with it a stunning location for sunset and a party atmosphere complete with international DJ’s and celebrities. 

Best for: An upscale day of fun surrounded by trendsetters


My list didn’t end there though, and I have quite a few others I am waiting to try out on my next trip to Bali. Here are my next must-see's.

Finn's Beach Club (now called Sunday's Beach Club) - laid back and lots of water sports 

 Karma Beach Club - located on a private, hidden beach

Komune Beach Club - Great place to watch some surfers!


There is FAR MORE to Bali than beach clubs, and in fact, some people would much prefer to not even spend one second of their time in paradise in such an establishment. But, if you choose to infuse a little party into your experience, these are the top places to do it!

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