The Zoe Report Feature: "The Micro-Cation"

When The Zoe Report asked me for my thoughts on quick and easy getaway trips, I was excited to throw in my two cents because fun weekend getaways are an easy way to add some excitement into your life on a whim — and who doesn’t want a little more of that?!

Since I have become more and more inspired to make these trips a priority in my own travel experiences, I figured I should share them with you as well. You already know how excited I get about helping you explore the world, but you should also take the time to explore your own backyard.

Hop on over to the article on The Zoe Report to check out my suggestions on what you should take into consideration for a cool but quick getaway.

If this sounds like something you are interested in exploring further, and you’d love a little assistance from me, I’ve curated some chic trips to nearby Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego as evidence that some of the most exciting trips don't always require long flights and a ton of time. These are some of my own favorite getaways since I’m based in Orange County, CA and love being able to enjoy all that southern California has to offer.

Happy exploring!