Vacation vs. Travel

Sometimes I’m a traveler. 

Other times I’m on vacation. 

how to choose your vacation destination

For me, these two things are two very different animals. Sure, they might both be furry and fun, but they are not one and the same. 

When I’m traveling I’m intent on experiencing different cultures. I want to have authentic encounters with people, understand more about the destination, and be a little outside my American bubble comfort zone. 

Travel for me is about exploration, change of environment, new adventures, learning from others, and seeing the world from a different perspective. 

Vacation? That’s usually about umbrella’d drinks and a whole lot of pool time. 

Best way to spend your vacation time

When I’m on vacation my focus is on recharging and rejuvenation. I look at it as a time to sleep in, eat and drink to my hearts content, and work on my tan. 

I know what you’re thinking… Do I need a tan? Well, no not really. But I still like the time spent “working on it”, so I indulge. 

For me, I know I need both in my life. You might be the same way. You always hear me talk about the importance of traveling and I’m diehard about every sentiment. But I also see tremendous value in going away and the biggest thing you do all week is decide what will be your poolside cocktail of choice.

Many Americans only get a short time off of work each year to travel or go on vacation. They both have value and importance, and my biggest recommendation will always be to use the time in a way that brings you joy. The great thing is it can change each time!

How you spend your vacation time is, of course, an incredibly personal choice but if you find yourself exhausted or uninspired by your usual choices, maybe it’s time to try a bit more travel or a bit less vacation.