10 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is a Good Idea

I used to never purchase travel insurance for my own personal travel. To me it seemed like an extra, unnecessary cost that covered who knows what— but whatever it covered was more than likely not going to happen to me and so I would rather save my money. But now that I plan travel on a daily basis, I have vastly changed my tune. For starters, good travel insurance actually covers so many things that happen quite frequently! And because I have a front row seat to a lot of people’s travel misfortunes, I see how often it is needed.

To help others see the benefit, I wanted to point out 10 things that travel insurance covers that is likely to happen when you travel at some point. 

  1. You head to Mexico for some fun in the sun, and a hurricane hits while you are on vacation and causes you to have to evacuate. Travel insurance will reimburse you for your lost travel investment.
  2. You’re strolling the cobblestone streets in Prague and twist your ankle.  Travel insurance will provide you with assistance in finding an english-speaking Physician.
  3. The tour operator you chose for your vacation through the Patagonia goes bankrupt. Travel insurance can cover your non-refundable expenses and help you get to your destination.
  4. You arrive in paradise but your luggage does not. Travel insurance will help you find it, reimburse you for covered necessities while it’s delayed, or reimburse you for it’s contents if it was stolen.
  5. Your brother becomes seriously ill right before you are supposed to go on your trip. Travel insurance will assist with your non-refundable deposits and prepayments. 
  6. You’re involved in an accident in a remote area of Chile and adequate medical treatment is not available. Travel insurance will help coordinate a medical evacuation.
  7. You’re visiting Thailand and your passport and wallet are stolen. Travel insurance can assist you in obtaining emergency cash and help with getting your passport replaced.
  8. Your bag that had your important medicine is lost. Travel insurance can help you locate it or get an emergency prescription filled asap. 
  9. There is social unrest in the country you are heading to right before you are scheduled to visit. Travel insurance can reimburse you if you want to cancel the trip.
  10. Your family is stuck at the airport after your flight has been cancelled. Travel insurance can assist you in finding new flights and getting the whole family home safely.

Is travel insurance a good idea? YES. There are so many unforeseen things that could happen both before and during your trip that are out of your control, but would be so helpful to have assistance with. You invest a lot of money into travel, and it’s an investment that is worth protecting.