Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

I started my business with the belief  that there absolutely is a need in this day and age for a travel professional-- an expert who is adept at navigating the endless amount of information and options when it comes to travel, and is able to provide travelers with amazing authentic experiences, all while making the process easy.

I have come to find that the type of service I offer is most helpful to travelers who fall into one of the following categories.

They want better travel experiences. They find it hard to get the ball rolling because they just don't know where to start, and have a ton of questions but no answers. Where should they go? When would be the best time to go? What will be the right type of experience for them? What should they expect in terms of cost in order to have the type of trip they would really enjoy? Is that place even safe? Do you need visas to visit that country? And on and on and on. The overwhelm of where to start and how to figure it all out is going to make them go back to the mediocre all-inclusive in Mexico that made them play bingo by the pool all day-- and who wants that?! 

They have a dream trip in mind. Whether it's a honeymoon, a 40th birthday celebration, or an awesome trip just because, they run into trip planning that is a little outside their comfort zone and want help. They know which Hawaiian island is their favorite, but how exactly do you go about hiking glaciers in Patagonia?

They are simply too busy. Travel planning is something they could do, if they had the time. But putting something else on the to-do list is not ideal. Their time is better spent doing what they are already successful and talented at, and they would love to have someone they trusted take care of all the details for them.

If any of those ring true for you, that is where I can help you. 

Market research has shown that people spend on average a few months and more than 30 hours visiting dozens of websites, reading reviews, and purchasing guidebooks to plan a single vacation!  Yes, it’s easy to book a hotel or a flight online, but it’s still very hard to book a good experience— something that is tailor-made to your tastes and interests.  

We know that there is endless information out there telling us about anything we could possibly want to know, and certainly about travel. But do you have something better to do with 30 hours of your life? I hope so.  I started this business because I am passionate about authentic, tailor-made travel experiences and I love helping people have their own. That means I like putting in the hours and hours of work it takes to create a good experience for you, and I am also much better equipped to do so. That's my gift, and I am sharing it with the world so that they can see more of it.

The world is full of amazing places… you should go, and I should plan it.