Bali- My Favorite Trip to Date

People ask me all the time what my favorite trip is that I’ve ever taken. It’s so hard because it’s one of those questions I hate committing to.  But for the past 8 months or so I haven’t hesitated.


I loved it far more than I even thought I would for reasons that are both obvious and personal. Bali is an amazing destination adored by many, but travel can be so much more than just a beautiful place with fun activities and great food. It can also speak to your soul and be the medicine you didn’t even realize you needed.  So, for me Bali was all that I thought it would be and also all that I needed it to be.

I recently shared this favorite travel experience of mine on the luxury lifestyle blog 707AVE. I wanted to share with readers interested in this heaven on earth all the different types of experiences they could have there. This relatively small island gives you the ability to have many different types of vacations, and I believe that understanding what each different area offers will help travelers have the experience that is tailor-made for their personal tastes.  So, head on over there to read the article and see some of my favorite pictures of a trip I love sharing about!!


I recently received an email from one of the places I stayed while I was in Bali.  My first stop in Jimbaran I found the most amazing B&B that I absolutely fell in love with and shared about on the blog here.  They are now building a second property on the west coast of Bali in an area not at all overrun by anything touristy, and an experience that will embody the true essence of this magical place.  The plans for it are STUNNING. 

The property I stayed at in Jimbaran. I believe this next property will blow the socks off!

The property I stayed at in Jimbaran. I believe this next property will blow the socks off!

They are making great headway on their new location and have decided to do crowdfunding to raise the additional funds needed to get it completed soon, and the deals they are offering are outstanding. I figured I would share with you all here, in case someone is interested in getting in on this amazing opportunity. I know firsthand how great they are at what they do, and what an incredible experience they offer to their guests.  I will personally be back to experience this new location and the beauty of Bali sometime soon. That’s a promise.

You can find out more information HERE

There is nothing I would enjoy more than helping you plan a trip to this magical place. Contact me if a trip here is on your radar!