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Hello again! Welcome back to the Milk + Honey Travelers series.

Why an ‘Earlymoon’ might be right for you

First, congratulations on your engagement!


This month I am excited to introduce a new series: Milk + Honey Travelers.

How To Vacation With Your Travel Opposite

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could always travel with someone who thought just like us when it came to crafting an ideal travel experience?

My Vietnam Vacation: Hanoi + Ha Long Bay

Every year I commit to visiting somewhere I've never been and exploring a new destination.

How to build a muli-stop vacation: Think of the big picture

The trips I plan often involve multiple stops and destinations.

The Best FREE Travel Apps

If you are anything like me, your smartphone might as well be an appendage.  We live in a day and age where no matter what the question is, the response is… There’s an app for that. And it’s true! There probably is an app for just about everything you may need or want. I have found so many useful travel apps that make traveling abroad easy and stress free, and I wanted to share my favorites with you. So, make your way to the app store — It’s time to get downloading.

3 Steps To Making Your Dream Vacation A Reality

Most people have great intentions of traveling more. They are wanderlust spirits with a strong desire to explore this beautiful world. And yet… they don’t. For one reason or another, their aspirations to travel don’t materialize. 

What to do when your flight is delayed

I can still remember my longest flight delay... almost 24 hours in Paris and 10 of it stuck at the airport, before they finally let us in on the obvious secret that our plane wasn’t going anywhere that day.  The savvy traveler I am now would have never wasted such an opportunity, but all I did  then was fill myself up with McDonald’s and sit despondently by the gate.

Even when you are the best planner and have double checked your flight status before leaving home, sometimes the inevitable still happens— flight delays.  Nobody wants to start or end a vacation inside of an airport for extra hours, but the inevitable is just that. However, there are a few tips and tricks of the trade I’ve picked up over the years that are important reminders and just may come in handy for you. 

International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day Today, and I felt like it would be an awesome time to honor and highlight some of the beautiful women I met in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago.

Some of the very best memories of my time in the Dominican Republic was the opportunity to spend time with these ladies. This is the group from RePapel that we spent the day making paper with. They are so full of life and love, and it shined through like you wouldn’t believe.

At the beginning of our time together, they each shared their story. Every one of them started with “I have this many kids, and this many grandkids." It was not lost on me how dedicated these women were to their families, and how each and every decision and sacrifice they made was for them.

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

I started my business with the belief  that there absolutely is a need in this day and age for a travel professional-- an expert who is adept at navigating the endless amount of information and options when it comes to travel, and is able to provide travelers with amazing authentic experiences, all while making the process easy.

I have come to find that the type of service I offer is most helpful to travelers who fall into one of the following categories.

Not just a travel agent

For the last few days I’ve been in Charlotte, North Carolina at a conference with fellow Travel Professionals. We stayed at the beautiful Ballantyne Hotel, and for two days I immersed myself in learning and growing and basically figuring out how I can be better at what I do and service my clients to the best of my ability.

In today’s day and age, being a traditional “Travel Agent” can seem pretty obsolete.  No longer is that the vehicle people must go through if they want to take a vacation or book an airline ticket, as it was in years past.  In fact, if you ask me what it is I do, I won’t even use that moniker, even though it would probably be what most people would associate with my profession. I call myself a Travel Professional and what I do is use my expertise to create unique and custom travel experiences.  Within that, you get a travel planner, advisor, and concierge all rolled up into one.  And yes, I actually book the travel, as a travel agent would.  But if all I did was book travel, I would basically be a mini-expedia, with .00000000001% of the budget and no cool commercials to let anyone know I exist.  There really wouldn't be a point.

Creating custom vacation experiences that focus on the individual and their unique desires takes a personal touch.  A search engine isn’t going to do a great job at finding the best place to stay for you, the most interesting adventures that fits the nature of your trip, and the amazing off-the-beaten path excursions that you are looking for. And believe me… the internet certainly won’t care that much if you enjoy yourself and have the time of your life. I do that.

So, yes I book travel just like a travel agent. Just like any other website on the internet that will let you make a reservation on your own. However, that is not all I do. I create travel experiences designed specifically for you because I do my best to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for, and then deliver that. It’s all of my expertise shared with people who trust me with their valuable leisure time and believe that I will work on your behalf and do my absolute best to ensure they have the most amazing experiences, in a way that makes it as easy and stress free as possible. When was the last time Expedia promised you that?