Is working with a Luxury Travel Advisor right for you?

In the opening session at the luxury travel conference I attended last week, Virtuoso Travel Week, Simon Sinek said something that immediately stuck. It was the idea that he only takes clients who trust him and share his values -- and he encouraged us as Travel Advisors to do the same.

Luxury Travel Advisor in southern california

I immediately resonated with that. As a luxury travel advisor I’m offering a service, but the service is not for all travelers. I’m ok with that, and I want you to be as well.

I created Milk and Honey Travels to be a boutique travel agency that offers discerning travelers the ability to go on stress-free vacations curated specifically for them, where the only thing they have to worry about is packing their bags and showing up.

If that resonates with you, I love that. As Simon said, two important things must be in place for the relationship to work best.



Your leisure time is highly valuable. I understand that and treat it with the utmost respect.  Time is the one currency we have that we can’t add more of. But just as your time is valuable, so is mine.

Part of what I’m “selling” you is time. Planning travel is time consuming and in giving you that time back, the belief is that you trust me to use my time wisely to create the type of travel experience that is best for you.

Working with clients who trust me means that I don’t have to prove myself over and over again throughout our working relationship.  Doing that doesn’t allow me to use my time wisely, and often ends up causing a lot of wasted time and uncertainty.



I believe very strongly in the transformative power of travel. It changes and shapes us as individuals, as well as our society as a whole when we venture out to find out what we have in common with others.

My main goal is helping people find that transformation for themselves, and that is the reason I stay so passionate about helping create travel that is individual, inspired, and imaginative.

And the one thing you won't ever hear me say is that my goal is to find you the cheapest cost. I am highly motivated to provide a great value for the experience you will have, but you cannot focus on cost alone to achieve that. It's too easy to get what you pay for, and you don't want that working against you, nor do I want my brand associated with that.

There is a Walmart way to travel. There is a cheaper, generic, big box way of doing things when it comes to any vacation experience.  

Milk and Honey Travels wasn’t created to be Walmart. If “cheapest” is a travelers main priority, working with me wouldn’t be a good fit. As they say, cost is what you pay, and value is what you get. 

luxury boutique travel agency

The best client relationships for me have been when there is a mutual trust and respect, and when we can align on shared values.  At the end of the day this helps me stay aligned with who I hope to serve and passionate about what I do, and it helps the clients that work with me find incredible value working with a travel advisor to curate the trips they are dreaming of.