Road Trip

You can’t go on a Road Trip with just anyone. I won’t need to convince you of this if you have ever tried to go on one with the wrong person.  The person who doesn’t listen to the same music as you, believes that there is an actual prize for arriving at the destination in the shortest amount of time possible and won’t stop along the way, and who hasn’t mastered the right balance of chatting and silence.  

So, when my friend of over 15 years asked if I would be game to take a short road trip back to Tucson to visit our Alma Mater and some of our favorite people this past weekend, I knew I could say yes without too much thought.  We sang along to the same cheesy pop songs, stopped at least every two hours because we both have extremely small bladders, picked our favorite places to have an amazing meal along the way, and caught up on all the talking and sharing that is hard to find time for in the busyness of everyday life. 

Nikkie is my partner. We have gone from teammates in college traveling to track meets, to young women traveling the country exploring new cities together, to the type of lifelong friends who promise to do annual girls trips in an exotic beach location with a never ending supply of unmbrella’d drinks. She’s actually managed to keep this promise multiple times, even with four kids and a hubby at home!

Obviously I love to travel, explore, and go places both near and far. I have been so grateful to do the handful of trips I have with her because they always deepen our friendship and strengthen our bond. In a few months she is moving to Africa for 3 years and so somehow I need to figure out how to make a journey out there so we can continue our shenanigans on a different continent. 

Do you have a friend you love to travel with and matches up with you in all the right ways?