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Travel Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon

Depending on which modern list you look at, the Grand Canyon could be considered one of the seven wonders of the world. And even if it didn’t make the most recent list, or the most popular one, I would personally say it is one of the most wondrous places I have ever laid eyes on.  It’s simply one of those places that when you get a chance to truly experience it, the only thing left to say is…

Oh. My. God.

And mean it, literally. The views take your breath away and leave you awestruck.While there is no one right way to do most things, and especially travel, the following would simply be my personal guidelines and suggestions from my own experiences in pointing you in the right direction to be able to fully appreciate and grasp the wonder of this place. So, here are 3 main things to consider when visiting the Grand Canyon and how to make the most of your time there.

When you go…

Summertime is the busiest time of the year. That means that at every awesome viewpoint, as you try to peacefully take in the beauty and that grandeur, you will be dodging walking poles, fanny packs, and selfie sticks. 


  • Travel in late spring or early fall to still have good weather but significantly less crowds.
  • Head there in Winter to find amazing deals on accommodations, very few tourists, and see the Canyon in a totally different element. There is never a time when the Grand Canyon is not grand.

Where you go…

The South Rim is the most widely known part of the Grand Canyon. It is the most easily accessible from Vegas or through Flagstaff, and it has far more choices for accommodations and places to dine. It is also where 90% of the people who visit the Grand Canyon will be. 


  • While the South Rim has some amazing panoramic vistas of the Canyon, a visit to the North Rim is spectacular in it’s own right. For a more peaceful and relaxing experience, this is the place to be. It’s great for couples, and provides a more authentic experience. 
    • note: The North Rim is only open from late May through October and has only one accommodation option if you desire to stay in the park, the Grand Canyon Lodge, where you can choose from a simple room or a rustic cabin that sits right along the rim.

What you do…

The Grand Canyon is an adventure traveler’s dream and a nature lovers playground. Try not to rush it and just do a day trip, where all you do is go on a scenic drive and stop every once in a while to get out and snap some pictures.  Experience it


  • There are hikes for all levels, and hiking down into the canyon gives you a different perspective that is truly worth having.
  • From biking, boating, camping, fishing, mule riding, white-water rafting, skiing, bird watching, star gazing, and simply just staring, there is a ton of stuff for you to do, depending on where your interests lie.
  • I am never a morning person… unless I am at the Grand Canyon. Here, you must experience the sunrise. There is a transformation that happens that is wholly unique and special, and far different than experiencing the sunset—which you should also catch. 

Consider the Grand Canyon as a trip on it’s own, or part of a multi-destination trip.

Contact me to start planning what is sure to be a memorable experience and give you a deeper appreciation of one of nature's finest gifts.


***note: All pictures are from a trip to the North Rim and were taken with just my iPhone. So, as amazing as it looks, I promise you it's better in person!