3 Tips for Getting Gorgeous Honeymoon Pictures

How to get great honeymoon photos

Let’s face it: the selfie is so yesterday. Yes, they’re great for instant gratification, Facebook feeds, and fun Instagram updates. But couples are moving away from letting “the selfie” define their honeymoon. 

Couples are still taking impromptu snapshots while walking along the bridges of Paris or lingering over afternoon cocktails in Rome. But the selfie is now seen as a fun snapshot, a digital moment to share on social media. In addition to these fun self-portraits, couples are now craving something more. They want higher quality pictures that truly reflect their personalities. They also want pictures that are worth printing or using to make beautiful photo books of their trip. Because a honeymoon is such a unique and once-in-a-lifetime trip, couples now value honeymoon photography just as much as their own wedding photography.

Tips for getting better honeymoon pictures

But finding a quality photographer who gets your style can feel daunting—and only more so when trying to find someone in Rome or Paris or Barcelona. So let me take the guesswork out of it for you! Finding a photographer in the city you’ll be honeymooning in is actually easy. You just need to know where to look. So today I’m going to give you three tips on how to get—and preserve—pictures of your first trip as a married couple.

How to find a photographer on your honeymoon

Tip #1: Book a photographer through Flytographer. 

Have you heard of Flytographer?! If not, prepare to be blown away. Flytographer’s mission is to help couples get beautiful photography while vacationing and honeymooning. They know that some trips are too important to rely on selfies and so they’ve lunched a global network of amazing photographers. They have photographers in over 350 photographers in 175 cities worldwide. And better yet: the quality of client service and photography is astounding. You know that you’ll find a great photographer with a beautiful style to capture the best memories of your honeymoon. They’ve already done all the work for you by gathering great photographers into one online location. 

Hop over to their website. They are so widely used now, that you’re sure to find a photographer in the city you’ll be honeymooning in. Here’s the link: Flytographer 

Tip #2: Use Instagram hashtags to find a local photographer on your own.

I have done this many times. It’s simple, easy, and fun. Just get on your Instagram account and do a search for a photographer in the city you’ll be traveling in. For example, if you know you’ll be honeymooning in Paris, try searching #parisphotographer or #igersfrance or #parisphotography. 

That’s a great way to start your search. Then, collect the name and website information for at least 10 photographers. Look through their portfolios and see which one resonates with your style. Next, email them and ask about their availability. My advice is to ensure that you book a photographer who not only gets your style, but also responds within about 48 hours. You’ll want to ensure you get great client care in addition to pictures you’ll love forever.

Tip #3: When your pictures are delivered, immediately sit down and make a photo book and order prints.

This is huge! If you spend just about 30 minutes ordering prints while on your honeymoon, you can have them delivered to your home before you even return! This is such an amazing experience. And trust me, if you don’t do it now, before long it’ll be your first anniversary and you still won’t have moved those pictures off your computer and onto your wall. 

Here is my top go-to lab right now: Artifact Uprising. You’ll love their clean, minimalist look. Long gone are the days of cheap books and clunky design. You want your pictures showcased in a gorgeous way. If you’ve already invested in hiring a photographer, the next thing to do is to move away from cheap labs like Costco, Wal-mart, or Shutterfly. 

Hop over to Artifact Uprising and see their amazing array of prints, cards, and photo books. You won’t be able to stop looking, I promise!! 

P.S. If you are still in the process of figuring out where the perfect destination is for your special Honeymoon, THIS GUIDE will help you discover it. It's the easy way to make sure your Honeymoon is filled with the right type of experiences you hope to have. Download your copy of The Perfect Honeymoon Destination, and let me know if you have any questions. 

"This post was written by Camille Stallings, an international photographer who lives and works in Asia, Europe, and the United States. She translates Chinese poetry (for fun!!) and her favorite novel is Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. She speaks a little French and a bit of Chinese and survives off croissants and cappuccinos. And next to her camera, the most important thing she owns is her passport. Camille will be working in Paris this fall and Asia in the Spring. Follow her travels (and endless coffee drinking) on Instagram @millascrossing or email her   HERE to say 'Hi!" and ask about availability for your honeymoon session or destination wedding. She can't wait to meet you."