how to take better vacation photos

My Vacation Photoshoot in Italy

I love to capture memories of my experiences when I travel.

My Flytographer photoshoot in Barcelona

Have you heard of Flytographer?! If not, prepare to be blown away.

My Experience with Flytographer in Paris

I love to capture memories of my experiences when I travel. You probably do too, right?  


3 Tips for Getting Gorgeous Honeymoon Pictures

Let’s face it: the selfie is so yesterday. Yes, they’re great for instant gratification, Facebook feeds, and fun Instagram updates. But couples are moving away from letting “the selfie” define their honeymoon. 

Couples are still taking impromptu snapshots while walking along the bridges of Paris or lingering over afternoon cocktails in Rome. But the selfie is now seen as a fun snapshot, a digital moment to share on social media. In addition to these fun self-portraits, couples are now craving something more. They want higher quality pictures that truly reflect their personalities. They also want pictures that are worth printing or using to make beautiful photo books of their trip. Because a honeymoon is such a unique and once-in-a-lifetime trip, couples now value honeymoon photography just as much as their own wedding photography.

5 Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos

When traveling I do my best to take photos that will properly tell the story of my experience.  Not only do I want memories for myself, I want beautiful memories I can share with others. That’s why it’s important for me to share my experience in a way that allows people an inside look at what I am seeing, doing, and eating (duh!), and allows for their own wanderlust to be sparked.  

I am by NO means a professional photographer, nor do I make any claims that my photos are outstanding in any way. However, I have gotten better! I am learning not only how to take better photos, but also which photos tell better stories, and which photos tell MY story. Today I thought I would share a few of my tips with you, and show you how those ideas have played out here in my first few days in Italy.