My Experience with Flytographer in Paris

I love to capture memories of my experiences when I travel. You probably do too, right?  We do this so we can share our experience with others, have something to look back on and bring to mind the incredible time we had, and to create keepsakes of our most precious moments. 

Flytographer vacation photo shoot in Paris. Black hat, blazer, and flowers

We go on vacation and take hundreds of photos of all the things we are seeing. Oftentimes, those photos, while important, miss an important component— the people having the experience in those places.  They don't feel personal.

So then of course we’ll turn the camera around from time to time and try to capture our big, cheesing smile in front of the beautiful things we are seeing. Or we pass your camera over to the tourist from Germany, and hope they don’t cut off the top of our head, or accidentally start recording a video.

Flytographer. Paris vacation photo shoot. black and white photo. two friends taking a selfie.

It’s always a gamble, isn’t it?

That’s why I’ve been obsessed with Flytographer ever since I heard about this amazing company months ago. They give you the opportunity to capture the moments on your vacation in a beautiful and authentic way, and give you more than selfies and photos taken by your fellow amateur tourists you hand over your smartphone to.

Photo shoot with Flytographer. Woman sitting along the seine. Flowers
Paris vacation photo shoot with Flytographer. Woman sitting along the Seine river.

They have local vacation photographers in over 190 destinations, and they certainly have them in Paris, so I couldn’t wait to document my trip in a way that truly captured the essence of my trip to Paris.

I spent time with my photographer walking the cobblestoned streets and taking candid pictures, all while having such a great time. It was so easy to relate and engage with my her, and that allowed for relaxed photos that truly captured me, as well as my brand. 

One of my favorite things to do in Paris (and many cities I visit), is simply sit at a cafe.  I wanted that to be part of my story because it’s truly me! 

Vacation photo shoot in Paris with Flytographer. Woman sitting at cafe reading book in Paris

You can choose specific routes and locations that are important to you, or trust your local photographer to capture you in a way that you’d like by just telling them your overall vision.

The great thing about it is this-- they are professional, and they know how to make you look your best and be comfortable. None of us are professional models, but we all want to look good in our photos and we need someone giving us a little guidance and direction to make that easy.

Flytographer vacation photo shoot in Paris with friend.
Paris vacation photo shoot with Flytographer. Woman in black dress in Paris photo shoot

I am so excited to be able to recommend it to my clients not only because I think it sounds like a great idea, but because I’ve actually experienced it myself -- and I've got these fabulous photos to prove what an awesome experience it is!

If this is something you want to experience on your next vacation (and you totally should!), check out their services HERE. Please know that I'd love to help you plan your perfect vacation, and adding this cherry on top ensures you have the type of keepsakes you'll really be proud of.


photo credit:  Lucille in Paris for Flytographer.