The Best FREE Travel Apps

If you are anything like me, your smartphone might as well be an appendage.  We live in a day and age where no matter what the question is, the response is… There’s an app for that. And it’s true! There probably is an app for just about everything you may need or want. I have found so many useful travel apps that make traveling abroad easy and stress free, and I wanted to share my favorites with you. So, make your way to the app store — It’s time to get downloading.

The best free travel apps to download

10 Free Travel Apps You Should Be Using

GateGuru: This app gives you the lowdown on the airport your headed to.  It’s super helpful in many ways, letting you know what’s available to eat/drink by your gate, or what else there is to occupy your time during long layovers and delays. Also, the “tips” section lets you know the average wait time at each terminals security checkpoint.

Uber: Everyone uses uber these days, right? But do you also use it when you’re abroad? Open your app and request a car the same way you would at home. There is no miscommunication with the taxi driver, or need for cash. Easy peasy. 

Citymapper: No matter how good a city's public transportation is, it can still be confusing when you're not a local. This app is a must when considering all your transit options in one place and figuring out the fastest and easiest way to get there! You can plan your route from A to B, considering every imaginable method, including driving, subway, train, bike, and it even syncs with uber too.

Bravolol: Even though I am a google translate fan, and use it constantly, for a quick and easy refrence guide that will work without an internet connection once downloaded, I’m now a fan of Bravolol to use in a pinch. It’s got your commonly used phrases and vocabularies ready to go, and offers up a basic phrasebook in over 13 languages.

Ulmon/CityMaps2Go: The best part of this app is that you can have your maps pre-loaded on your phone, and not need an internet connection to view the destinations you’ve saved! Believe me, having maps open is the biggest user of my international data plan before I got this app! This ends up being a real life AND money saver!

Whatsapp: This is still my app of choice for messaging and calls while I travel and am connected to wifi. I find that a lot of overseas companies and tour operators also now use whatsapp to allow travelers to be in contact with them in an easy way. 

Touchnote: Who said snail mail was overrated? Postcards are the classic thinking-of-you travel mementos for friends and family. One of my favorite things to do now is use one of the photos I’ve taken while I’m on a trip, and create a quick postcard for friends and family that I can send right through the app that will be delivered to them in the mail! It’s incredibly easy, and people love receiving them! 

GlobeConvert: When you’re traveling internationally, converting currencies in your head can get tricky. Or, is that just me saying I’m no good at math?! Either way, I like to make sure I have a handle on what I’m actually spending before I get my credit card bill. I give the nod to this app because it includes a ton of other conversions for you. Now I don’t have to guess what celsius temperature is, either!

Mobile Passport: I’ve lauded the praises of this app in depth HERE. This incredible new app allows travelers to submit their passport control and customs declaration information via their iPhone or iPad and then breeze right by all of the hangry and tired passengers standing in the regular lines to enter the United States. It’s officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and is currently active in 16 U.S. airports, with more being added in the near future.

Tripscope: This app is not free for me, but it is for my clients when I send them all their itinerary information and resources together in one convenient app. Your customized itinerary is available at all times, and we can stay connected throughout your trip, if I need to make changes or additions to your itinerary on the fly. You see all your reservations, your daily itinerary, and city guides for each destination in your trip. My clients absolutely love it!

What are the best travel apps

So, for all you adventurers out there, make sure you are AP(P)tly prepared before you head out on your next trip. If you have an app that you use and swear by, I would love to hear about it! I’m always looking for the best ones to utilize.