Introducing: Locals on Tap!

Have you ever had an amazing experience on a trip that was made possible by a local you just happened to meet? Someone who let you in on where you really needed to go eat at, told you all about the place to truly experience the best nightlife, or where you must go that only locals know about? And were you absolutely blown away about how right they were? That it actually gave you the authentic experience you were looking for? I have.

Those are the best tips, in my experience— the ones that aren’t marked with five stars on TripAdvisor, or bookmarked on Yelp. Even as a travel professional that spends hours and hours each day researching travel experiences, I know firsthand that as great as I can plan a trip, some of the most special moments happen when I myself go off script. 

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The heart of authentic travel experiences comes from having the experiences that give you a glimpse into life as it's lived from the perspective of a local. It's not just about seeing the main tourist sights, or checking off all the must-see attractions. 

But how do you find such experiences, and who is going to give you that insider knowledge? 

When I learned about this new initiative called Locals on Tap, I knew it was the perfect fit for a certain kind of traveler.  They are basically meet ups that happen with a passionate, local guide, and will be available in over 50 cities all over the globe starting in 2017, and allow you the opportunity to engage with other travelers and locals to uncover the heart of that city, and learn tips you will never find on Google.

So, if you plan on traveling in 2017, or even if you are thinking about traveling, I encourage you to check it out. Walk around a cool neighborhood, grab the favorite local drink, and pick the brain of someone who knows their city better than any guidebook. 

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Here’s the best part: If you want to book a spot before the year is over, it will cost you nothing. You’re getting an intro to the city, travel meetup, walking tour, and info you need to make your trip even more amazing, for FREE.

All you have to do is use my free promo code and save yourself a spot. Easy Peasy.  What are you waiting for? Go find yourself a city to explore.

Locals On Tap

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