End of year travel: Where to go and why

Here is yet another thing I love about traveling the world: You can literally pick the season you want to enjoy at any time of year, and go somewhere perfectly suited to experience it. Did you miss your opportunity for a summer vacation in 2016? Or are you like me, and jump at the chance to work on your tan any chance you get? Well, you’re in luck.

best destination for end of year vacation

Since most people don’t start their winter travel until mid or late December, traveling in November and early December means crowds are small and your vacation dollar will go a lot further in huge sections of the travel world.

Today’s blog gives you some fantastic ideas to help you add a week or two of summer vibes toward the end of the year.

8 sunny places to visit at the end of the year


I believe the best time to Visit Tulum is between November and December. You’ll still get to take advantage of post-hurricane season breezes, and if you go early enough, you can miss the stateside crowds that will soon pack this charming town on the Yucatan peninsula. 



In November, Argentina will be at the end of Spring and heading into Summer. It’s an ideal time to visit before the crowds get here in December. Once December hits, it is a busy time in the country, but also the best time to experience warm, clear weather in Patagonia. Also, this makes an ideal time to see the dramatic scenery at Iguazu Falls.


The country’s dry season starts in late November, and is the ideal time to head to this beautiful country in Central America to take advantage of warm weather, clear skies, and experience the country’s main attractions. Belize is also one of my top picks for adventure vacations, and is an awesome destination to fit in beach and rainforest in one trip.


Let’s be honest— there is no bad time to go to Fiji! With temps that stay pretty constant throughout the year, November does start the country’s wet season, however this means the island sees fewer crowds and a drop in prices. In my book it’s still a win and you just might have to relax through a few showers. 

San Miguel de Allende


While you won’t find any beaches near this charming Mexican town, you will certainly fall in love with it’s charm. Weather here is best starting in November, as you’ll experience less rainfall with near perfect temperatures. The sunsets here are also magical. Head here at the right time in November to catch the San Miguel International Jazz and Blues Festival!



November is the final month of the official Atlantic hurricane season, but in reality there are almost no storms by this time, and only weak ones when they do appear. Many people ignore the Caribbean until Christmas, but November would be a fantastic time to visit Barbados, and if you head there at the right time you can experience the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival. Yes, please.

Rio de Janeiro

So maybe you weren’t able to make the Summer Olympics in Rio and you’re a little bummed about it. (Just me??) The good news is that Rio has perfect weather pretty much year-round. November is Spring heading into Summer, and unless you are saving your samba moves for Carnival in February, it’s an ideal time to take advantage of the beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, and all the beauty this South American city has to offer.

Cape Town

South Africa’s summer corresponds with America’s winter. If you come in November, you will be able to see the city bursting with color, and experience all of the city’s awesome outdoor activities, with very pleasant weather. Once December hits, it’s officially high season and the city will be full of tourists.

end of year vacation 2016

Seasons are awesome, but most of the time I find snow to be an unnecessary freezing of water. Give me beach. Give me sun. Give me outdoor cafes. Seriously, the only thing I want frosty is my beverage. 

If you’d still like to plan an amazing vacation in 2016, I’d love to help. Let’s chat.