Location Freedom

I have an entrepreneurial spirit.  I have always known that about myself, and it was further confirmed when I took a multitude of tests after I retired from being an athlete that were supposed to help guide me into my next career. It told me I was driven, self-motivated, unafraid of taking risks, resourceful, don’t need to actually get paid to work my tail off… and on and on.

I took that entrepreneurial spirit and paired it with my love for travel for two very important reasons. The first is pretty obvious — I am passionate about travel and love helping others experience more of the world in an authentic way. Planning and organizing is a skill set, and I pair it with my knack for understanding the desires of others and finding great joy in seeing their dreams come to life. The second reason that lights me up as well, is that it is a business I can build that allows me to have location freedom.

I can quite literally, work from anywhere.


The beauty of having the majority of my business be online, is that all I really need to work is my computer and some half decent wifi. I can easily plan your trip to Guatemala and set up your tour through ancient ruins while I am discovering the best place to go wine tasting in the south of France, while actually being in France — or simply sitting at my favorite coffee shop. 

So, why is taking advantage of the opportunities to be in France… or South America… or Southeast Asia, so important to me? Well, it’s the same reason I don’t trust a skinny pastry chef. I need for travel to continue to be a huge part of my own life so that I continue practicing what I preach. 

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is the ability to locate an office anywhere in the world.  If there's wifi, there's endless possibilities.  I love mixing my business life and personal life because it provides me the opportunity to live out my best life.