Why Bali makes a perfect honeymoon destination

How to plan a perfect Bali Honeymoon

I am a huge fan of Bali. In fact, for the last two years it has been my answer for “what’s your favorite destination?” … which normally I can change my response to every other week.

I love it here for many reasons, but more and more I have been suggesting it to clients as a fantastic honeymoon destination. The reason for this is because it’s easy for me to hear about an experience someone is looking for and match it with a perfect destination — one they might not have considered yet, but gets them very close to their desired wish list.

Read below for the different type of honeymoon experiences you could have in Bali, and why heading their for your own special trip might be the best decision you ever made!


For the spiritual + soulful couple… UBUD

Where to stay in Ubud for honeymoon

Ubud was made famous by the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love and ever since people have been flocking here to find that inner peace and spiritual connection. Many people believe that because of the intense popularity of the place, it has lost it’s authenticity and charm.

While it is true that this place is definitely no longer a secret, there is definitely still a special experience to be had and if you plan it right, you will be able to find your own magic in this place, and it will speak to your soul and provide you with that special sense of grounding you are looking for. 

For couples that are looking to experience plenty of art and culture, spend their mornings together doing yoga while overlooking the rice terraces, eat delicious and healthy food, relax from their adventures by getting yet another massage, and stay in some of the most gorgeous accommodations they have ever laid eyes on (definitely with their own plunge pool), Ubud is the place for you to include on your honeymoon.


For the upscale + chic couple… SEMINYAK

what to do in Seminyak Bali

If you are looking for a great beach destination in Bali that will afford you the opportunity to be close to the action but just far enough removed to enjoy a quiet nights sleep, near a host of fabulous restaurants, and easily accessible to some of the islands hottest beach clubs, Seminyak is the right honeymoon destination for you.

Here you will find many luxurious villas and resorts, and it’s where many expats call home. While it’s not the best beach for swimming, if you like to surf this will be a great spot.

Honeymooner’s that want to be a little further removed from the hustle and bustle, yet still easily reach the action if needed should consider Canggu as a wonderful alternative and fabulous place to base.


For the laidback + beach loving couple… JIMBARAN

What to do in Jimbaran Bali

This is a great beach option for couples who are looking to experience beautiful sunsets, a laidback atmosphere, and will appreciate a good seafood dinner on the beach with the sand in their toes.  

There are not a ton of activities in this immediate vicinity, but it is close to the airport and provides a killer sunset for you and your loved one to admire each evening. And please don’t miss the seafood dinner. Yes, everyone is doing it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious and amazing.


For the nightlife + party loving couple… KUTA/LEGIAN

sunset viewing in Legian

There are some couples who want to have a really good time on their honeymoon and continue the party all night until the early morning. Well, there is place in Bali that will be right up your alley. Kuta and (to a lesser extent) Legian is the area to head for all my party animals.

This is NOT the relaxing part of Bali, but you can expect to be by the beach and expect some good surf breaks. You can also expect a lot of tourists, and a wide range of accommodations to choose from. Come here if you and your significant other really enjoy a good night out and aren’t really looking for any type of quiet, romantic experience. 


For the totally relaxed + easygoing couple… GILI ISLANDS/LOMBOK

How to plan a honeymoon in Bali

Some couples might find staying on a small island with no motorized transport and spending most of their time in the water to be the absolute perfect honeymoon. If this is you, you’ll definitely appreciate spending some time on Gili Islands, where really all there is to do is relax..

This destination is perfect for couples who don’t want to encounter a lot of other tourists, and want to simply appreciate the beauty that surrounds them without too many extras.


There are plenty of other areas not covered here, but this should give you an idea of what is possible on this small island.  If this is something you’d like to explore, I would love to help you create the perfect Bali honeymoon, completely tailored for you!  Let’s get started!