Honeymoon Planning 101: All you need to know to plan the perfect honeymoon

Honeymoon planning can feel complicated and overwhelming — especially as you are trying to plan the perfect wedding, and take care of all the other details that come with joining two lives together! Having just returned from my own honeymoon, I know how important planning your first family vacation is.  You want it to be special for the both of you, encompassing the type of experience you both are going to enjoy and cherish.

So, how do you accomplish that? It first starts with communication.

How to plan the perfect honeymoon


10 Questions to help you talk about your Ideal Honeymoon

  1. How action-packed should our itinerary be?
  2. Do we envision ourselves taking romantic strolls along a secluded beach?
  3. Are we interested in enriching cultural experiences in between make-out sessions?
  4. How much of a nightlife are we looking for?
  5. Does it to be perfect tanning weather the entire time?
  6. Is this the time to go off the beaten path or would we be more comfortable in a tourist friendly setting?
  7. Would we feel more comfortable in a luxury resort or a small, romantic boutique hotel?
  8. Is amazing food and delicious wine an absolute necessity?
  9. Should we opt for a secluded destination or be nearby a bit more action? 
  10. Are we going to want informative guides showing us the must-see sights?

After you discuss these preliminary topics, you might find you have the same vision for the perfect honeymoon… or not. 

Mr. Fiancé might see this is as the perfect opportunity for an adventure filled honeymoon, where the two of you spend your days zip-lining through rainforests, ATV’ing around volcanoes, and rappelling down waterfalls. At the same time, Mrs. Bride to Be has been daydreaming of is how many umbrellas she can collect during their week on a secluded beach in the Maldives.  

Both are amazing experiences, but it’s probably best to get on the same page so you know what to expect — and what to pack!

How to plan an exciting honeymoon
Not quite sure of the exact destination? That's why I am here! Once we get done chatting, I will be able to make suggestions on what fits your desires. You can also check out this free guide I created that will help you choose the best place to honeymoon!

There are also some practical things that play a crucial role into the success of your honeymoon, and after you have zeroed in on the experience you both desire, these should be taken into consideration.

Other considerations when planning your dream honeymoon...

Time allotted

How much time you have for your honeymoon really needs to play a factor in where you decide to go. The honeymoon is not a time to rush an experience. Understanding how long it takes to actually get to a destination, days that might be lost in transit, and if you actually have the time to experience the destination as you hope to, should be considered. 

Pro Tip: If you only have less than a week for your honeymoon, take into account if there is the ability to fly nonstop and consider a destination you can be in one place the entire time. 


Budget plays an important factor in where you should go for your honeymoon. People don’t often consider how your dollar stretches in different parts of the world. Flight costs, time of year, and destination will all significantly play a role in what you are able to experience if you have a fixed budget you are hoping to stay within. Also, taking into account the actual cost of the destination once you arrive is a huge factor. The cost of your honeymoon will be the sum total of the accommodations, activities, transportation, meals, tips, souvenirs and other travel costs, so you really should look at more than the per night rate of the hotel. 

What it costs to eat for a week in Paris will not be the same as a week in Thailand.  Being beachfront on the Amalfi Coast could be significantly different than a beachfront location in Costa Rica. Shore excursions on a luxury cruise can add up quickly, whereas an All Inclusive is pretty straightforward.

Pro Tip: A honeymoon is not the time to feel like you have to penny-pinch. Take an honest look at your budget and choose a destination and time frame that allows you to have an upgraded experience that feels special.



If you’re looking to experience the most amazing honeymoon without undue stress over logistics or other complications, that’s where using a Travel Consultant comes in. I would love to help you navigate all of these factors, while providing you with the honeymoon experience you are looking for — withOUT any stress! Feel free to contact me to discuss all the amazing options available to you around the globe or simply start by feeling out the TRIP DESIGN FORM.